Don't you think Maks was a little rough?? | Dancing with the Stars

So I haven't really been following Dancing with the Stars very much this season, but I had some tedious computer work to muddle through last night, and everyone knows that dancing shows are the perfect "muddlethroughtediouscomputerwork" background shows. What other kind of show are you only super interested in 2 minutes out of every 10?? I had it on last night and was a little bit appalled by the way Maks grabbed his partner and whipped her around "dancing" during rehearsal when he was a mad cat. Did anybody else catch that?? Am I alone here?

Anyway...I also totally swooned when Derek stepped in and helped Hope out when baby boy Maks was pouting out in the hallway.  I mean what a good guy, right??? Anybody with me on THAT??!

...and by swoon...I no longer mean "oh how I wish he would rescue me from my mean dance partner" my swooning now is more like "oh how I hope my sons behave like that around women when they are all grown up...". A true sign that I am officially old.

In other words...

I am old.
Derek is a good guy.
Maks is a bad guy.
End of Story.
Check?  Check.


Miss Kitty said…
I will have to go back and watch that episode...I didn't see it. I did see a clip of (was it the week before?) when Maks got mad at the judges and I totally agree with him on that issue. I think it is mean of the judges to make snarky personal comments about the competitors instead of offering constructive critisism.
I agree with you on the judges...that bothers me too...

I like when Maks gets nasty defending his competitors...but he was just mean last night with Hope...didn't like it At All!
Felicia Kramer said…
Maks has just a bit too much ego, to say the least. I'm still amazed that the one partner he got along with so well was Kirstie Alley last season. I would have bet they would have been at each other's throats.

Anyway, I ADORE Derek and wish I could be magically transformed for one night into a great dancer so I could have one evening of dancing with Derek! (I love his sister JulieAnn too - she was fantastic in "Footloose").