Create Flavored Butters | Ginger, Cayenne and Lavender

So you wanna turn your ordinary sticks of butter into delicious, custom butters?
It is so super easy - as easy as picking your mix ins at Cold Stone.

If your babies are helping you out, watch out that your spice piles don't get eaten into too soon...(see the fingerprints above?!)

So, the only real trick is making sure the butter is the right consistency.  If you have time, the easiest way to get it just right is to leave it out on the counter at room temperature.  If you don't, you can easily thaw the butter in the microwave - just don't overdo it!  If your sticks are frozen, start with 10 seconds.  Then nuke for 5 seconds each time until you can make small indents in the butter by lightly pressing your fingers into the bar.

Then, chop up the butter into little pieces and nuke for 5 seconds at a time.

Once it reaches this consistency, STOP!  If you overheat the butter, it will start to separate and the taste will suffer.  
Once you have soft lumps (in your butter, not your hips...though the two are often connected...), you are ready to mix in your mix ins! 

You can mix in just about whatever you want to taste, but I tend to go heavy on the spice and then use the butter sparingly. 
Here are the general breakdowns:

Paprika and Cayenne --  Paprika - 2 Tablespoons, pinch of cayenne (it is HOT!), 1 stick of butter
Ginger Nutmeg -- Ginger (ground) - 2-3 Tablespoons, Nutmeg - 1 tsp (ground), 1 stick of butter
Lavender Allspice -- Lavender (fresh powdered) - 1 Tablespoon,  Allspice - 1 tsp (ground), 1 stick of butter

Let's Eat!


Jodi said…
this is a great tutorial and recipes.. I would love the paprika and cayenne.
Okay that is really easy and it looks fantastic. Why do you show me such temptations ;D