Cottonelle "Respect the Roll" Design Contest

If you have been following along on my facebook page, you might have noticed my super uber excitement over the last couple of days.  Excitement over what?  Well, it is kind of a HUGE deal for me.  I created a mood board as part of the design contest for Cottonelle's "Respect the Roll" campaign and actually won the whole shebang.  $5,000, a pat on the back and a wee bit of validation, especially after last week's beating over on Apartment Therapy from the commenters.  Now, the task is to not get greedy, right?

Here is my board and the description follows!

I created this mood board to celebrate not only the color revival of the greys, oranges and golden tones of mid-century design, but also to celebrate the shapes of the Cottonelle designed roll cover.  The shape remind me of the fluidity of curved and polished rock, and with the extended skinny, pointed end, also reminded me of the shape of an elephant's head and trunk.  I used that shape inspiration to pick out the classic curtain hooks, the rounded pebbles in the flooring and artwork, the custom flower drying rack crafted from a firewood holder and the indoor/outdoor seating.  You will see literal references to the elephant shape and color choices such as the shower curtain and pops of orange, but also subtle  choices to reinforce the theme such as the knitted vases referencing the bumpy elephant skin texture and the graphic rug and fabric choices.

You can see my creativity in the items I added to the room from my own collection of work, including the creative towel rack crafted from the back of a chair, the towel rack and/or flower drying rack repurposed from a firewood holder, the slightly muted colors of the daffodils, and the cardboard wall crafted from fabric tubes that reference the purchased rock artwork.

Notice that the Cottonelle roll covers mix seamlessly with each and every item in the room, and can be used not only for toilet paper, but for tissues, to cover lotions with pump tops, as light covers for small pendants (pictured) , for towel storage (when mounted on their sides with the bottom facing out) and as side table legs (when stacked, pictured at top left).  The ideas are endless when the design is right!   {Moodboard crafted with Olioboard and Original Designs from Amy Renea}


Jodi said…
I want to get one of these.. my husband thinks they are silly though lol
First of all - too cool! I love, love, love orange and grey, they're so happy together! You never cease to amaze me girl - congratulations and you rock!
Miss Kitty said…
Congratulations Amy! You are very DO you find the time!? Great story board.
haha - the TIME...literally made this board about 1 AM on Halloween night after trick or treating...someday the wrinkles in my face will tell the story of too many late nights ;)
Nancy said…
Congratulations! Can I borrow some money? Aunt Nancy
Short On Cents said…
Laura said…
that's awesome - congratulations!