Redbud: Jessica of lieu de jaune

Hi Girls! 
Meet Jessica
She is the artist and author behind lieu de jaune.   

A blog featuring fashion, fiction and food, Jessica has brilliant, stylish outfits and gorgeous photography.
YOU WILL SWOON - I promise!  

...and if you are wondering what lieu de jaune means...well, you are just going to have to click translate (it's French!), 
but I'll give you a has to do with the hue of sunshine....

Yes, she IS that gorgeous!! 
...and her style is completely off the hook.  
I totally have a new go to for style inspiration now!!  Go check her out at lieu de jaune

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Jessica said…
oh my goodness!! this made my WEEK! too kind!! thank you, so so much! you rock!!
She's adorable! Thanks for sharing :D