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31 October 2011

Have you been here long? | A Nest for All Seasons BIO

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Many of you are new to this blog, and I would love to formally introduce myself!  
If you have been reading this blog, you might find out something new!

Hello Birdies!

I am Amy Renea and this is my blog!  Welcome!  My blog is a a one stop shop for the modern dilettante (the Modillys!!)  interested in DIY home design, garden, food and photography tips and tricks.  When I am not blogging or chasing my three crazy boys around, I am a professional photographer shooting primarily weddings and commercial clients.  I absolutely love what I do and can only hope to simply keep on keeping on!

I use photography to tell stories on my site.  One of my favorite stories to tell is the whisper of the garden.  I know gardening is kind of out of vogue, but I feel closest to God, closest to myself and calmer than ever when I am working or just resting in the garden.  It is my therapy, my creative outlet, my inspiration and I have embarked on a journey to convince all you girls that love Pottery Barn and adore babies, that gardening really is just the next step.

I am addicted to pinterest, but even moreso to craftgawker.  Please tell me you have heard of craftgawker?!

my craftgawker gallery

  I love submitting my posts to craftgawker (and don't be fooled by the size of that gallery -  there have been MANY rejections!).  
I have had one project really light up on pinterest of my baby's little footprints.  You can see the how to BY CLICKING HERE!  

If you get tired of reading about home and garden, you can skip over to the food or photography sections.  Most of my posts on food and photography are full on tutorials or photojournals, and I love to feature guest posts, so shoot me an email at anestforallseasons@yahoo.com if you are interested in sharing!

I am a big supporter of new photographers and moms learning how to take beautiful photos of their children, so if you are an official MWAC, you might want to read THIS!  If you are new to photography I hope you peek at a couple posts and I even have FREE TEXTURES you can download!

One of my most popular photography posts was a simple how to on creating bokeh.  Prepare for the holidays early by checking out how to make this effect!

All of my photography articles are published on my PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG, but you can find the links at the NEST!  As I start to publish more photo posts this winter, I will be posting them here...so stay tuned!   If you look next door to the photography tab, you'll see the foodies tab!  I don't think I have to say much more than sweet tea and homemade mayo, do I?

SO if I lost you, here is a recap!


I love featuring readers here at the nest and I love seeing all of your projects and photos and culinary goodies.  Feel free to upload yours (up to 3 a day) to the Flickr POOL right HERE!


SocialStudiesSoubrette Monday, October 31, 2011  

How funny that you post about CraftGawker. I actually just stumbled on it for the first time yesterday. I was floored. Another place to spend countless hours getting fantastic ideas. As if my Pinterest addiction didn't consume enough of my free time ;D

nikkijoy Monday, October 31, 2011  

I just discovered craftgawker and I can't believe how many people have read one of my tutorials since posting it on there! And it is great for being inspired by others too. You have a really lovely blog =)

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