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14 October 2011

Redbud: Morgan Danielle of Snapography

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"Be crazy. Be stupid. Be wild. Be silly. Cause life is too short to be cool."

Today on Feature Friday, I am thrilled to show off the work of Morgan DanielleAren't her photos beautiful?

I'm loving the winter photographs, making me romanticize about all the frost and snow we'll be getting soon!!  While I might hate all that frost and snow come February and March, I totally adore it in December...so bring on the snow!!!

You can visit Morgan's blog, Snapography right HERE and learn all about her life, her loves, her beliefs, and see "pictures {she} takes. God stories that happen. Prayer requests. Exciting moments. Random things and jewelery {she} makes. Songs and videos I find interesting, or just what's stuck in my head!"  So, skip on over and say Hello to Morgan Danielle!!

Isn't this photo stunning?  I love it!


SocialStudiesSoubrette Friday, October 14, 2011  

Oh that picture of the tree's is gorgeous. I want to frame it and hang it in my living room. Lovely. Thanks for sharing Amy!

Torviewtoronto Friday, October 14, 2011  

enjoyed the beautiful pictures

morgan danielle Friday, October 14, 2011  

Oh my gosh!!!!!!! Thank you so much, Amy!!!! Pretty much made my day! :)

Hendel D'bu Friday, October 14, 2011  

Sweet! :-D

~Morgan's Mom

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