Don't Be Jealous!

If you have read this blog for any amount of time, you will know that my favorite date (yes, date) is to attend an auction...especially one where they have a little booth with a nice lady that made a bunch of food that she is selling for 50 cents.  Dinner for $3.50 - awesome :)  Did I ever tell you I got my husband to marry me by promising cheap dates for the rest of his life?  {not true...}

Anyway, last Friday, the grandparents were gracious enough to watch our 3 crazy boys and Alex and I went to an auction.  We knew it was going to be good by the few rusty pickups in the parking lot, the over sized 1970's marquee and guys milling around knocking on cast iron pots.  Why was I encouraged by any of that?!  Well, here is the thing - auctions are only good if there is nobody else that wants what I want.  I could care less about cast iron pots, and most of those men in rusty pickups want tools and weird gas and oil company memorabilia.  A perfect pairing - me and those motorcycle loving auctions anyway...

So the night started outside with tailgate auctions - NO JOKE.  People literally drive their pickups up, dump everything on tables and the whole lot is auctioned off.  It is fantastic!   I bought two lots outdoors, one for $3, the other for $1.  Check back tomorrow for my auction strategies for getting the best buys :)  For now, try to keep your chin off the ground while I show you what my 4 bucks bought!

First off, that 3 bucks bought half a table - HALF A TABLE!  Some of the stuff I left behind free for anyone who wanted it (it was really that bad....1980's plates that had non-salvageable shape, etc.),  and a few of the items will be sold on ebay, but here are some of my favorites...

This vintage camera folds down and I don't think anyone knew what it was...score!

There were a bunch of random things that were small and mostly hidden that I wanted on this table.  That compact above is really heavy and nicely made, I needed a shoe horn (below) and the scissors and pocketknives in our house are always getting lost, so anytime I see a pair for next to nothing - I snap them up!

Guess how I will be starting my mornings?

...with cream in this little vintage honey pot :)

There were more items on the table that went straight to the SHOPPE  
and the kids also commandeered some things (like pink letters that spelled HEIDI)...
but all in all...a huge lot of things I actually WANT for 3 bucks!

My best buy of the evening was this piece though...2 points if you can tell me what it is!  
HINT:  It is worth about $100-$150, used around the turn of the century
and crafted by Johnson Bros. Ironstone of England, precursor to Wedgwood China.

I'll give you one more hint...this lid fits snugly over the bottom basin...

Do you remember what I said this lot cost?  
Go ahead...scroll back there and see what I said...I bought two lots outdoors, one for $3, the other for    ___________  mmmm-hmmmm! 
(Details tomorrow!)

Then we went indoors where we shared a $1.75 meal of homemade chicken and dumplings and a little plastic baggie of homemade peanut brittle.  (It cost $1 and we are still munching on it a week later...:)  We bought a few items, but not much...just one lot for $1.00.  It included these beautiful cut glass vases and some art supplies that I wanted.

I justify my glassware purchases by giving flowers away - friends, you will have many floral gifts coming soon in the next few months :)

One of the most interesting parts of the evening was when they started dragging out the pallets of food.  It was pretty incredible the amount of stuff they were auctioning off...we thought they would let it go for whatever price (just like the non-food items), but there were reserve prices...ah well...  We did end up buying about $20 worth of food, most was about 60% off retail.  I think the best food buy was a bun ch of full-size DiJiornos for $1.75 each.  Of course, they were all sausage and onion, so I won't be eating them, but the boys like them, so all in all a good deal.

Now this was the post that should make you want to go to an auction...tomorrow's post will be the one that teaches you HOW to get great deals and not be an auction sucker.  If you missed PART 1 on how to bid at an auction, CLICK HERE to brush up before tomorrow!


Laura said…
Wow, you got lots of stuff! We got rid of like four cameras like the one you purchased. Grandpa loved Polaroid. And I never heard of food at an auction before. I would have purchased those pizzas, too.
I love going to auctions. My Grandfather actually knew how to do the auctioneer thing where you talk really fast. He may have even done a few auctions. He was a jack of all trades. My Mom is a hobby farmer so I grew up going to auctions. Many times the chicken auctions we went to had much more than just chickens. There were bunnies, goats, loads of box lots, and yummy cheap food. I still adore going to auctions. You just never know what kind of treasures you will find! Now you have me jonesing to find an auction ;D
jess said… that a chamber pot?
second--i like the part about getting alex to marry you by promising cheap dates. :-)

and finally, i CRACKED UP at your talking honey pot. Mostly b/c I almost always make something with a flapper lid talk. (in my head. i move the handle, but i do all the talking in my head so ppl don't think i'm nuts. :-))

i've never been to an auction. i might have to talk matt into going.we can't ever come up with anything other than dinner and walking around lowe's. are they common on friday nights? or do they happen all the time?
Haha!! I knew you would be a kindred spirit :) It is only brilliant minds that give utensils words and life, right? RIGHT?

I think the auctions may be a Pennsylvania thing...I remember my Dad going to them in Ohio when I was little too, but there weren't nearly as many in Nebraska. Many more yard sales there though, so maybe a cultural thing?? We were doing the same thing...just dinner and walking around somewhere and getting home quick so we weren't leaving our aunt to watch the kids too I'm so glad we stumbled upon them - they are seriously so much fun and we usually only spend about 5-10 bucks on dinner and some fun stuff. We spent about 25 this time because it was a food auction, but usually it is less than that.

...oh and it is totally a chamber pot...and I totally love it :) You can read the how to's on this post:
ok...SSM love the term "jonesing" :) ...and Laura - you should have sold them!!! :)
Anonymous said…
Wow. What a find. The SX-70 is the camera is the kind that Walker Evans used late in his career. I just got a chance to see the camera that he used and it's exactly the same one-- the only difference is that Evans had a little leather pouch made for his. I'm very jealous.
WOW - I did not know cool! Thanks for the info!!