Cheat Sew Eyeglass Case and a few NO-SEW projects!

So yesterday I teased you with this little eyeglass case...and I'm going to make you wait a bit longer because I want to share one of my favorite projects from this skirt.  It is so very, very simple.  A tiny bit of hot glue, a scrap of fabric cut to size and I updated my favorite vintage patent leather purse with fall's comeback pattern.  Isn't that little scrap of houndstooth  JUST.  RIGHT?  This is SO my kind of project!
...but on to that eyeglass case.  Again, this is a cheat sew. 
That perfect little zipper, clasp, hem and lining?  That was all already completed.  
Simply cut out the portion at the back of the skirt (that zips up!) and use it as a side zipper for your case.

You simply sew the one seam on the right and a tiny seam on the bottom with the fabric turned inside out and you are finished!  
Easy as pie!  Cheat, cheat cheat!

Look at the seam of that zipper...I could NEVER sew that myself!

Another simple no-sew fix was for these Halloween candles. 

The candles were broken, so instead of throwing them out, I simply anchored them with scraps of fabric from my skirt. 

If they won't stay put, simply put a dab of hot glue on the candles to attach them and cover the mess with the fabric scraps.  
So easy, but so much cheaper than buying new candles!

Tomorrow's project?  A simple rolled fabric flower tutorial!

...and then on to other DIY pastures...
don't forget to upload YOUR fabric projects HERE!

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Rolled Fabric Flower Tutorial...coming tomorrow!


Hi there! Fellow OMTWI crafter stopping by to wish you good luck. I can't wait to see all the inspiring projects that are shared during this competition!
I love easy projects. That little tab of fabric on your purse is wonderful!
LisaWeidknecht said…
Very cute! You are so creative.