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10 October 2011

Campaign Box Knockoff | Ballard Designs

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I used my "leave it in the rain" technique (literally!) to complete the finish on the box.  On the interior of the box, I added the seat of a director's chair that fits just snugly into the box.  I sewed a couple pleats into the fabric to create pockets, trimmed the edges with zippers, brightened the top with buttons in shades of ivory and cream and turned a tuna can into storage with a little help from a n extra zipper.

I considered using metal legs from an old suitcase stand so that my piece would be completely portable, but  instead I went off the rails a bit with the legs and chose to use birch branches.  I wanted them to twist in crazy ways to contrast the stiffness and symmetry of the box and almost look like they would topple over with the slightest hint of a breeze.  I even left a few of the legs cut inches off the ground to add to the effect.

More details tomorrow!!!

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Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B Monday, October 10, 2011  

Love your "leave it in the rain" furtiture tip..this looks amazing!

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