Are you INstyle?

According to InStyle Magazine this month, houndstooth is back with a vengeance, and since I love to jump on seasonal trends for cheap, this skirt was mine at hello! The skirt was 85 cents at a local thrift store and the rest of my supplies were on hand. Using a few easy-sew, cheat-sew and no-sew methods, I created eight projects out of this single skirt.  From fixing broken candles to updating a vintage purse to creating new fall accessories - I did it all with one 85 cent skirt!

from top left clockwise:
dickie; purse clasp; Halloween decor; broken candle fix; eyeglass case; pleated clutch with wriststrap and collection including 1. clutch, 2. eyeglass case, 3. dickie, 4. rosette, 5. broken candle.

Pictured Below:  Bias Tape Bracelet and Halloween floral displays.

Now I KNOW you want to know how to make these super easy projects!  
Can you guess which ones are no-sew? 

Come back tomorrow for more details, how-tos and tutorials!

Have you added your latest project to the POOL yet!


Kimberly said…
I love houndstooth!! And I love every way you used it! Especially around the vase, too cute!
Laura said…
I am impressed! And I can not get over the amazing deals you find at your local thrift store - mine are nowhere near that good.
Lesley said…
Where is the button on your blog to click on so that I can follow your blog?? Can't find it.
I like mixing bright colors with houndstooth. Love your creative ideas with the houndstooth.
kimberly said…
Such lovely ideas! Houndstooth is such a beautiful print, too.