3 Easy Flavored Oils from the Falling Garden

Creating flavored oils is not the most difficult of culinary pursuits.  In fact it is quite simple really.  Gather spices and herbs from your garden or your local bulk food store, a giant tub of olive oil, a few pretty bottles from your recycling bin and you are good to go!

After cleaning and drying your bottles, simply add your dry ingredients to the bottles.  The photo below is a leaf of bay that joins about 9 other leaves in this old olive oil bottle.

Next on the list was lavender.  I've always wanted lavender - lavender has such a weird taste in food.  It is almost too fragrant, too "gardeny", but I feel like it is just right in small doses.  Like you are eating a freshly drawn bath (I know it sounds weird, but it is nice).  Although if you ask Alex, he will say it is absolutely too "gardeny" and makes things taste like "grass", so use lavender sparingly at first and test your tastes :)

Last but not least is allspice.  I found this fabulous old gin dispenser and I love the contrast of the rectangular shape with the roundness of the whole allspice.  If you are wondering, (and if you are any kind of fan you most certainly are) you recognize this bottle from the first season of Mad Men.  It is the exact dispenser in Don Draper's office.  Too bad I couldn't fin the other 3....gin will be it for now...well, allspice oil will be all for now...but I digress.  Dump about this much allspice into your bottle.

Isn't the contrast of shape fun??  ...it's the little things for me...the little things...

Now comes the hard part.  Fill those puppies with your olive oil and DO NOT let them overflow.

Now, please don't think that I am talking to you like you are a simpleton, but seriously when pouring oil, you start getting a bit bored and it never seems like the oil is as close to the top as it actually is and spilling oil is SUCH as mess.  So please, don't get offended.  Don't think I'm a dunce.  Just don't spill your oil.

Now see how those spices are all gathered at the top?

The spices will float to the top and every so often you should give your bottles a gentle tip to distribute the flavors.  
Continue this when you think of it for a few weeks while storing your oils in a dark, cool (no cold) place.  

After a few weeks, your oil will be flavored about as flavorful as it will get, so you can strain the solids out 
or leave them in the bottles for prettiness.  What do you think I chose to do?  Yeah...

What have YOU been creating this week?

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Erika Ward said…
I always think of lavender for my body products. I'd probably slather that lovely concoction you made on my hubby's dry feet or put a few drops in my bath.

PS the bottles are gorgeous!
Hey Erika!! Your hubby is a LUCKY man :)
Torviewtoronto said…
delicious looking oil lovely post thank you for linking