What is a Floral Frog?

I have always kind of been on the lookout for floral frogs....you know the metal kind that Martha Stewart was showing off in her "good things" section to hold letters and postcards, etc. etc.  Well, I never found one, but I was happy to stumble upon a glass floral frog.  I really didn't realize they came in glass, but I think it is quite pretty, don't you?  It's true use is to place it in the bottom of a vase and stick the flower stems into the holes to keep them stable.  I assume the glass frogs are for glass vases and the metal frogs are for opaque vases??

Anyhow, I just kinda love it as is and will use it (maybe) for floral arrangements, but I'm kind of thinking it would be prettier holding a bunch of paintbrushes, or pens.  What do you think?

Have you found anything fun lately?  Please share!


Laura said…
my sister and I just sold like 4 metal frogs at our estate sale. I didn't know what they were until the woman bought them! All I knew is if you picked them up wrong it hurt.
Those are pretty! Never heard of them before but I can see where they would be super useful.
Laura you crack me up :)

They ARE totally useful! :)
LisaWeidknecht said…
Oh cool. Never saw one before. Looks handy though!
Anonymous said…
I found a flower frog made in england and the top has 20 holes but they don't go all the way threw, I thought that was weird?