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15 September 2011

What to do about negative blog comments?!

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Hi girls!  First things first, a THANK YOU goes out to Sara and another anon. commenter for helping with my twist tie search!!    Sara found them HERE and the anon. reader found them HERE!  Brilliant - I tell you!  Speaking of anonymous comments, I would love to know who you are!!!  I really want to get to know commenters and readers, so leave your calling card please girlies!  Of course...if you are the mean anonymous commenter giving me grief on my NUT POST, well, you can just remain anonymous...I wouldn't want to show my face either after being a bit nasty.  My hands are very honest, thankyouverymuch! :P

So that is my trip up this week...  What do you do about negative or nasty comments?  The truly nasty ones are deleted, but I've been publishing the negative ones.  Do you answer them?  Do you just delete?  Do they replay over in your head too much and they make you feel badly?  I dunno...


Laura Thursday, September 15, 2011  

I've only had one negative comment so far, and it was saying my blog design (from last winter) was too pink. It, of course, was from anonymous so I could not respond. I would have, though! I'd say delete whatever you don't like and respond to whoever you want to. It's your blog, don't forget. p.s. I am going to link to your apple sauce post now.

SocialStudiesSoubrette Thursday, September 15, 2011  

Wow that stinks that someone wrote that on your post. I must have missed that one. Bummer. That is really arrogant for someone to think that EVERYONE would know which nut is which. I never had an almond tree in my yard... Ah well. Prayers for them and their hard hearts. I hope this isn't a common occurrence for you. I can tell you my skin is not nearly thick enough to deal with things like that.

Amanda Thursday, September 15, 2011  

The comment doesn't sound *that* negative to me. Maybe the person meant it in a less offensive way, just sharing what they themselves grew up with. Like a Texan like me saying, "I can't imagine anyone keeping their winter clothes out all year long." Just a statement, nothing more. I'm an optimist though, and I could be totally wrong!

For the record, I've never received a bag of nuts at any holiday, and the only nut trees I've ever seen in person are acorns and pecans. I buy my nuts by the pound in bulk, so I wouldn't spend the money on in-the-shell nuts to know what they look like! So I had no idea what walnuts, brazilnuts, etc. look like in their shells either, so I really enjoyed your post!!

Andrea Friday, September 16, 2011  

I search for your Nut Post to read 'the comment'. I think these kind of comments come from young/immature minds. Maybe he/she doesn't know that not all plants grow everywhere, and in advance countries like yours most consumables are in ready to eat conditions. That comment only shows his limited knowledge.

May i ask you about commenters who are so 'know it all', keep teaching you what to do or ID plants which are just but assumptions, even without your asking them about anything. They didn't even look at what you really are in terms of horticulture! I have one like that just proving immaturity bordering on his ignorance! I just normally ignore the comments, but they are not very sensitive they are ignored, and still repeat what i abhore! So what do you say about this?

Brandy Saturday, September 17, 2011  

I got a very strange and negative comment this week--but IN PERSON!!! I thought quite a bit about what I could have said, and how I could have been more clear. It was very clear that the person misunderstood my situation and hadn't really read a lot of my site (or they would have figured out that their comments weren't correct; my list of recipes would have been a dead giveway). I wish I had responded differently, to clarify, but in the end, I just changed the subject :) I just have to quit pondering over their strange comments, because they thought I was something I'm not (I'm not sure how you can confuse self-reliance with veganism, but clearly I'm not a vegan, and yes, I would like chickens, so I can eat them AND their eggs, and yes, I do like cream, and lots of it, and I always plan to :) , and no, cream isn't gross :) nor are eggs, or cheese, and I would eat beef if I could afford to!

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