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07 September 2011

Tripped Up Thursday #6

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 OK, my trip up this week is kind of random.  Here goes...when cleaning out the shed, we found these twist ties.  It is one large roll and you pull the ties to the length you want and then there is a small blade on that white contraption that cuts it (like floss).  The little thingamajig is fabulous - do you know how great it is to have extra long twist ties?!  My trip up is how to replace it...when the ties are gone, I don't know where on earth to find another - help please?!  Has anyone seen these for sale anywhere?

Ok, so what is tripping YOU up this week?  I know Laura has a good one this week and can't wait to see the rest of them!  This week, I am trying text only linkups.  Simply put in your QUESTION or TOPIC in the text area...such as "What is this color called?"  or "Should I paint my toilet?", etc. etc.  Let's see if we can beat last week!  Link up girls!  Here are buttons if ya want 'em!

A Nest for All Seasons

A Nest for All Seasons

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