Have you seen these twist ties??

 OK, my trip up this week is kind of random.  Here goes...when cleaning out the shed, we found these twist ties.  It is one large roll and you pull the ties to the length you want and then there is a small blade on that white contraption that cuts it (like floss).  The little thingamajig is fabulous - do you know how great it is to have extra long twist ties?!  My trip up is how to replace it...when the ties are gone, I don't know where on earth to find another - help please?!  Has anyone seen these for sale anywhere?


Laura said…
I linked! And no idea what your twisty is - from the picture it looks to me like a roll for a weed eater.
I'm going to look in our hardware/household store today and see if we have those up here in Canada! I'll let ya know...
Miss Kitty said…
I think you just have to start all over again and buy a whole new set-up. I have never seen replacement wire for these either. I like to use those with (what little I do) gardending to twine things together.
Miss Kitty - I think that is the intended use...I found them in the gardening shed? I use them for so much more though...they are so perfect - Heather I hope you find some!! :)

Laura - You totally cracked me up with the weed eater comment...that is so right on!
Anonymous said…

i found some for you if you haven't found them yet :)
- sara
Anonymous said…
I also thought it was a refill for a weed eater, but alas i believe i have found them at http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/236096341/Paper_Twist_Ties.html

hope the link works for you. just copy and paste in your browswer, should work.
Miss Kitty said…
Oh gosh! I feel silly! I thought you wanted to replace the plastic covered wire ON the white plastic holder/wire snipper. I did look at the alibaba website and the minimum order to replace your wire spool is 3,000 . I know you really like that wire but I don't know if you like it that much. I'm gonna send you some of those...I see them all the time...I just can't think WHERE right now.