Sprouting Lentils and more!

We're trying something new here this week...sprouting stuff.  Now, you might notice that this blog is garden centric, so of course I sprout things all the time, but this time is slightly different because the sprouts are to be eaten and the materials are coming from the grocery store instead of the nursery.

First on the list?  lentils.

PS - These pots...my favorites ever.  They are from IKEA and priced ridiculously cheap and they are as tough as any terra cotta pot from any garden store.  Plus, they are that beautiful shade of greyish-brown and that kind of chalky finish comes with.  LOVE.  I cannot walk in that store without buying 1 or 2 more...seriously...y'all are going to start getting gifts in IKEA pots....

Anyway, back to the lentils...I took about 20 (maybe a little more) from a bag in the pantry and pressed them into the soil.  A few days later and....

Here come the sprouts!

The next experiment? 

What are you growing this fall?


Charissa said…
You've totally reminded me I should be sprouting/soaking more seeds/nuts! It's SO good for us!

Love the containers with the writing on them...so pretty!
Those pots are adorable. I wish we had an Ikea close to us. We are going to make a pilgrimage there soon though. I want to remake the morning room into a toddler studio for Little Bit. Ikea doesn't ship most of their children's things so I am forced to go there ;D Woe as me, hehe.
Super cute. Makes me want to dig through my pottery I have packed in anticipation of moving and grow something in them!
Love the pots. No Ikea here, but that's okay, because I have a $0 budget for food and everything else right now.

I have sprouted lentils, but always in a mason jar, and then I just throw them in stir fry. I haven't spouted them for garden growing, but the though has crossed my mind.

Hazelnuts are a really interesting idea. I have had dreams of a hazelnut hedge in the front yard, but I've recently changed that dream to a mandarin hedge.

This fall I'm planting spinach, lettuce, more swiss chard, parsley, lots of turnips, sugar anp peas, and several more things. It should cool off here in about 5 more weeks so that I can start to plant. I did experiment with seeding some arugula in the ground despite the 105º temperatures, and some of it amazingly sprouted (since it's technically a weed I thought my chances of it coming up might be higher!)
Amy Renea said…
Thanks for the comments :) I really do love a pot just plain old written on :) The prudent homemaker -- I had a friend who did that in mason jars. She is probably my healthiest friend and I should probably follow suit!