So...I have some kind of sad news. I don't think the Dresses of Romania party is going to happen. I'm so very sad, but there are a couple reasons why it is not going to work out.

1.  There are not nearly enough people coming to make a grand party and an un-grand party is just sad, so no party.

2.  I can sew a fair amount of things, but dresses are not one of them.  For the past 2 months, I've been sewing, sewing, sewing and every single dress has been a flop, THUS I do not feel right about sewing dresses, so I'm going to do the next best thing!  I am going to open my wallet and BUY something special for the 16 little girls (and the little boys too) in Romania.  It might be dresses, but it might be something more practical for Romania like gloves and hats in beautiful knits.  In any case, if you had planned on donating towards the project, you still can - just in  a different way.  You can certainly donate towards the cost, make a dress or accessory to add to the box or buy a dress or accessory (like I will be!!) :)

So sad...but not really compared to things that are happening to many many people across the country - across the world... I'm sucking it up and announcing full failure :( 


Miss Kitty said…
Dear Amy, I think this is a great idea! As a DIYer I probably shouldn't admit this but there are lots of time I see something in a store and think "It's not worth my time to MAKE (fill in the blank) when this is so reasonably priced". So, I have two questions:
1. Where should we mail the items to you OR
2. Would they rather have money sent to them to buy things over there (and avoid shipping costs, customs, etc.)
I was just thinking about the sewing project yesterday so I'm glad you posted this.
jude said…
Not failure at all.... it is a skill and a gift to realize when an idea's time has *not* come.

You changed step mid-stream, and are still *doing something helpful* for those same people.

I don't see any fail in any of this...rather, I see smarts, compassion, and action!
Laura said…
No, not failure. Just redirection.
Ditto Kitty- What is your paypal email? :)