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10 September 2011

Our Everyday

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It always starts off the same...a little coffee...a little art...a lot of teeth brushing, hair slicking and yogurt eating -- those are the themes of our mornings.  The bigger boys now wait eagerly for and skip off to school while wee one and I have an unprecedented amount of time alone together.  After the whirlwind of kiddos in the afternoon, the stampede to meet Daddy at the door, the rush to get the entire dinner on the table before the boys have finished their plates, the kids play for hours until the sun sets.  Hours of dirt and sand and sweat and water and hopefully no poo (critter, creature of bebe).  There were days when we could skip baths and simply have a "pool bath" this summer, but those days are no longer and the nightly baths are essential if our home is not to smell like a cattle barn.  So I clean the kitchen while Alex bathes the kids and we both think we have the better part of the deal.  Of course, after bath is night time, but those bigger boys can never quite go to sleep at 9:00, so there are many escapes, many little feet running across the floor, many announcements of what new structure has been built, of notes they have written and of noises they have heard.  This night, the escaping was encouraged and we made true photography - we wrote with light.  The day ends and I start to look through the photos of the day...and the one that makes the most sense...that says everything about our life in these days is of me, my dirty white tank top on that I slept in, holding a naked baby bum with the news of flooding on in the background.  That was our day...our 10 on 10...our everyday...

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Laura Saturday, September 10, 2011  

Your life looks to be filled with moments of joy. And I think maybe it's the first picture I've seen of you...

Leanne Saturday, September 10, 2011  

Really lovely shots of your boys.

Dmarie Saturday, September 10, 2011  

aww...to sweet!!

AP Mommy Saturday, September 10, 2011  

Aboslutely stunning photography. Beautiful pictures. :) Stopping by 10x10

SocialStudiesSoubrette Saturday, September 10, 2011  

What a wonderful way to capture the little moments that really are what make up the big moments.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations Sunday, September 11, 2011  

Such happy photos!

Mommy Minded Sunday, September 11, 2011  


Laura Sunday, September 11, 2011  

Very very nice ten on ten post. Love the pictures. You inspire me. :)

Megan Sunday, September 11, 2011  

Love your blog and your beautiful photos! I am going to have so much fun looking around!

mel @ the larson lingo Sunday, September 11, 2011  

Love your photos!Your kids are adorable!

meg Monday, September 12, 2011  

oh i LOVE this amy!!!!! you are such a good mama. love how you capture your boys childhood and the memories in it :)

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