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08 September 2011

Let me introduce you to a few nuts...

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SO...Alex bought a nut bowl at a THIS AUCTION.  I laughed at him.  ...but then I wanted nuts to attempt planting and I bought this big bag of various nuts still in their shells and there was no better place to put them than in...you guessed it...the nut bowl.  voila.

The really cool thing about this little experiment, whether the nuts grow into trees or just wither in the soil, is figuring out what various nuts look like in their shell.  I was clueless about most of them.  take this...it is a walnut - am I the only one that never pictured a walnut being HUGE?

...and this almond...it makes sense in its shape and size, but I had never seen one before...

Next on the list was the Brazil Nut...which didn't taste all that awesome...

My favorite was perhaps the pecan.  Say that 50 times...sounds funny...perhaps the pecan!
Anyway, it was quite delicious fresh out of the shell and even though they can grow to 100 feet tall, 
I planted a few (and ordered a couple, but that's another story altogether...  ;)

Last, but not least are the hazelnuts.  I planted 5 and ordered 3 and if they all grow I will be pleased as punch.  I bought a small (horrendously overpriced) bag of chopped hazelnuts at the grocery store and they are delightful in salads.  Truth be told, they are quite delightful in chocolate as well...

SO...I am excited to plant these nut/tree bushes and start harvesting in about 3 years.  They are small and produce nuts far earlier than other types of trees because of their diminutive size comparatively.  I ordered 2 Arbor day Hazelnuts (you can check out the hazelnut society HERE) and one American Hazelnut bush for variety.  They should be here quite soon!!  In fact, if you are at all interested in hazelnuts and have room to grow a few trees/bushes (they max out at 10'), you should become an Arbor Day Charter Patron.  You pay 20 bucks and are a member and receive 3 Hazelnut bushes.  (I am not sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation, but we spent 5 years in Nebraska quite close to them, I've ordered trees from them thrice over and we went to the apple festival every year and it is just a fabulous organization :)

...now be honest...you learned something, didn't you?  Please tell me I am not the only one who had no idea what most of these nuts looked like in the shell?


Laura Thursday, September 08, 2011  

I knew, so sorry! Grandpa bought a bag of assorted nuts in the shell and I helped crack them often after dinner. I am a fussy nut eater, and don't care for any of these, but I liked helping. You must have a decent amount of land for all you're doing outside!

Becky Jane Friday, September 09, 2011  

Your post made me laugh!

My parents had a huge walnut nut tree. It made the best climbing tree! Large branches and low to the ground! Not much can grow under them because the leaves are toxic to other plants.

The only nut tree we've been successful at growing is a flowering almond...pretty sad cause they don't grow nuts, just beautiful pink blossoms in the spring.

Your green thumb is greener than mine so I'm sure you will have better luck than I did. :o)

Hope you're surviving the flooding okay!

jess Friday, September 09, 2011  

It's okay amy. there are so many things you know that i don't. :-) so don't feel sad that I know nuts, too. must be tradition around her eor something, but there are always great big bowls of nuts in the shells around christmas time. and yes...brazilnuts aren't even worth the effort to crack open! ew.

that wasn't my point though! hazelnuts have ALWAYS been my favorite so i wanted to tell you my favorite recipe w/ them...crush some of them and add them to breading on breaded chicken=DIVINE! (so you have about 1/2 hazelnuts 1/2 breadcrumbs)

allenaim photography and design Friday, September 09, 2011  

haha - I guess I'm the only one that had no idea what these nuts looked like inside - lol!

JESS...that chicken breading sounds DELICIOUS...will def. be trying it!

Holly Lefevre Friday, September 09, 2011  

Walnuts and pecans I knew...but the others...yes I did get an education. I am checking out growing hazelnuts - not sure if I can do it here or not...but I would love to.

Anonymous Sunday, September 11, 2011  

I can't imagine anyone NOT knowing what nuts in their shells look like. They have always been abundant, appearing in bags of mixed nuts that one gets at Christmas time if not at any other time of year. The nut bowl was a constant at my grandparent's house, and cracking pecans from their tree in the back yard was just something that we all did as we visited with our grandmother. Busy hands are honest hands.

Anonymous Friday, October 14, 2011  

What planet are you from? How do you not know what these look like in their shells? Are you three years old? I'm really confused. Maybe you've never been to a grocery store? I'm sorry if I sound insensitive. Perhaps you just live in a developing country.

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