How to Make Simple White Frosting

Hmmm...what is that?!

That would be pumpkin cake.  
Made with pumpkin cookie batter (so it is thick and buttery).

Hot out of the oven, the smell is DIVINE.  
Wafting through the house and making fall a near reality.

Let me go grab a fork.


hey wait...this totally doesn't taste as good as it looks. is a little dry and that intense scent doesn't match the lackluster taste.  Gosh.

It needs something...maybe some caramel?  ...a little dusting of powdered sugar?

Nah...this cake needs white icing.  Classic cheap white icing.  You know the kind....the kind on wedding cakes that gets thick like a layer of candy on the top of cake.  Not rich, creamy frosting.  Not slick, beautiful fondant.  Cheap white sugary icing.  It is a problem for me. 




It's so GOOD that cheap, so very good!  I used to live in a house in DC with a bunch of girls from Cedarville and they taught me the secret of white frosting.  We were literally sitting there one night licking the bowl after Lindsey had made a cake and she told us the basic recipe handed down from her mom.

Now, don't go getting technical on me because this recipe isn't quite a recipe...more a technique, but trust me - IT WORKS. (Of course, it doesn't work at all if you are trying to lose weight, though you could always make it a little easier on the waistline by using some Sensa, right? ) 

1.  Get a spoonful of Crisco (yes, will kill you, it will also make you happy in the meantime.  Use about a cup.)
2. Add a ginormous amount of powdered sugar (more than you would ever think...start with 3 cups)
3.  Add the secret ingredient - almond extract.  Do NOT go cheap...get the good stuff.  You only need about 1 tsp.
4.  Add a SPLASH of milk...that's it...just a splash.  Any more and you'll be in trouble.

See, that is the mistake I made for ages.  I always added to much milk and the frosting never solidified correctly.  It was always yummy and sugary, but not perfect.  When you add that tiny splash of milk, the powdered sugar almost instantly starts to "liquidize"? and as you stir the frosting forms.  Easy to do, but quite easy to mess up too...just remember - not too much milk!!

What recipes are tripping YOU up this week?


That sounds lovely! I tried for years to prefect pie crust. Thankfully I finally got the hang of it. I have thought of entering it in the fair. It's really really tasty. That's why I limit Hubs to only 4 or 5 pies a year. He would eat pie everyday if I let him.
Miss Kitty said…
Crazy that Crisco is the ingredient in frosting isn't it? I remember when I got a Wilton cake decorating book and it had the recipe for good-for-piping icing and Crisco was a main player. I never looked at fluffy icing the same after that (but I still made it and fed it to family and friends).
I think the President is allowed one pie a week, so that should be our standard too, right?! :)

Miss Kitty - I know - it is kind of gross isn't it?!
Ashley said…
fried chicken! I can NEVER get fried chicken just right - it always gets too crispy before the inside is cooked all the way! But anyways I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog! I prolly just spend about 30 minute just browsing around and when I looked at your project 52 I was disappointed when there was only 12 so far lol
Lol! Yup, Crisco is a killer, but what the hell! So is alcohol and sugar, but I stuff myself with those anyway.
That pumpkin cake sounds delicious! I'm so excited for Fall flavors.:)
Elsa said…
I always want to avoid crisco, but I won't lie, nothing tastes better in frosting!
Miz Helen said…
Great post and a great recipe! Hope you are having a great week end and thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
Come back soon!
Miz Helen
These little pumpkin cakes look AMAZING!
I would love if you added this and any other pumpkin themed links to my "Happy Post" today.
Beth said…
Mmmm I can smell these cakes now! Grab me a fork while you're over there! I wanna bite!

That's pretty much the Wilton frosting recipe that we used in my cake decorating class at Hobby Lobby, except we used MUCH more than a cup of Crisco. I bought it by the big tubs at one point during class! Better than lard? Maybe?
Beth said…
PS- I need the cake recipe!
Amy Renea said…
Better than lard?? NEVAH!

PS the cake was a box mix I think?? HAHAHAHAHAHA!