Hop Hop Grasshopper

He's kinda creepy isn't he?  ...then I look at all those little marking on him and wonder why.  Why is he so intricately colored?  Clearly god likes design...perhaps he is a fan of HGTV?  Pinterest?  Craftgawker?  Perhaps.


Laura said…
Gross! But I am glad you can see God's creation in something so small.
Thankfully grasshopper season has almost ended here - my Son is all over them and I've spent soooo much time with the little butterfly net trying to catch the buggers! Your photo of him is awesome though!
I love all the little details in God's creation. What a wonderful blessing to be able to look upon it huh?

As a side note I used to feed these to our chickens when I was a kid. Chickens adore grasshoppers and put on a good show to catch them ;D
oooo....NOTED!! The chickos will be getting a treat tomorrow! :) I've enjoyed tossing them the few tomato hornworms we have gotten...how do those giant awful worms find the tomato plants anyway?!?