Do you bloom at the right time?

This hydrangea is weird.  It blooms in the late summer and early fall.  Doesn't it seem like is should be blooming in the beginnings of spring or perhaps in the height of summer with their giant clusters of cream and ivory, screaming of over abundance?  It doesn't seem like a fall thing to scream beauty.  Fall's scream is the last gasp of life...the wash of color as trees give up the ghost for winter.  Dainty and poofy white flowers don't seem quite right.

Of course, who is to say what should bloom when.  Clearly, this hydrangea are quite content blooming in fall.  It likes the weather and though they look a bit odd, those blooms certainly look beautiful when not much else is choosing to show its face.  If they were to bloom in the spring, or the summer, maybe they would simply take a backseat to the roses and lilacs.

In fact, i think I like the hydrangea's choice to be weird.  I like that it is to be seen simply because it  is different from everything else in this season.  I like that it is unexpected and then greatly anticipated in the years to come.

This hydrangea is what every starlet wishes to be - beautiful and treasured and vibrant and unexpected.
This hydrangea is what every girl wishes to be - appreciated and noticed and beloved and a bit cheeky.

Sometimes what is unexpected can be so much better, can't it?

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Victoria said…
Nice, what kind of hydrangea? I have a peewee that hasn't bloomed at all, I'm just waiting for it to grow up, it is already at least 3 years old. And, then I have a climbing Hydrangea that I am told will take years to actually climb and bloom after it gets very established. So, in the meantime I keep myself busy.
Jodi said…
Love this post!

Beautiful flower. I love Hydrangea