An Empty Pod

See that open space there inside the hibiscus?  That is where seed is supposed to be.  If the plant is fertiliaed, that little space morphs into a seedpod with lots of tiny black seeds.  Clearly, this one missed out and will simply wither away and die.  I could have hand pollinated it, but luckily many of the other flowers on this particular plant were pollinated and really, how many hibicus plants does one need?  Each seed pod has at least 100 seeds in it and if they all germinate, then that is a full hedgerow of hibiscus plants - clearly enough, right?

So why do I care if this one flower does not produce seed?  Does it make any difference?  Sometimes I want everything, all the time.  I want every single blossom to produce seed, even though there is no conceivable way for me to use all of the seed provided (unless I eat it...but I don't know how to prepare hibiscus seed...yet?  Is it edible?).  Anyway, this little empty pod reminds me not to want too much...I can't use it could just be wasted.  Better the bees go pollinate the apple blossoms or the strawberry blossoms to produce fruit than focus on making an abundance of flower seed.  Better I give time to producing what is needful, not simply abundance.