Why you should trim your cat... mint...

This is catmint.
Nice, composed, growing in a clump catmint.
All of my catmint does not look like this.

Pennsylvania Perennial Garden

In fact, most of my catmint looks like this:

Pennsylvania Perennial Garden

Why?  ...because this spring we had a few giant storms and it basically took the catmint out, shoving it down the the ground, flattening it in the middle.  So some of my plant were trimmed to remove the pieces that fell down.   I cut the plant about 2" from the ground and then left the rest to grow unhindered.

I should have been more brave and cut everything down.  I know to do this.  I know mums and mints and such should be cut back once or twice in the spring so that they will grow tighter, more full and bloom later.  The problem is, in spring, I want things to grow.  I am so in love with life and green and plants and am hungry for blooms.  I want to speed my plants up and make them grow grow grow!  The only problem is that they soon grow "leggy" and sometimes get spindly and weak and then a storm takes them out anyway.

Pennsylvania Perennial Garden Catmint

Wouldn't a whole cluster or the good looking catmint be beautiful instead of the half and half mix I'm rocking right now? A whole sea of trimmed catmint would look BEAUTIFUL!

Next year, I will be better about cutting back my fast growing green bunching plant like this catmint.  I will be tough and realize that a little cutting back now will be worth it in just a few short months.  ...and I will look to my catmint to inspire me when it comes to life.


Becky Jane said…
My mom would always cause me great sadness when she would plant her 100 petunias every spring. After planting them and making the flower gardens look so beautiful and cheerful, she'd go pack and prune the petunias down. I know this would make for fuller and stronger plants later on in the season, but it was always so sad...

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Happy Wednesday,
Becky Jane
martha said…
visiting you from Beckys. If i had to cut back, I'd cut back some working time to have more time with my children. :)
Jennifer said…
I was just thinking about how God cuts us back, humbles in order to help us grow stronger. It definitely hurts, but I pray that I yield to the Master instead of resisting his pruning.

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