Waiting on your dreams...

Sometimes waiting on THE DREAM is like waiting for asparagus...

You put the roots in the ground and nothing happens. Nothing at all.

Then one day, when you aren't looking, everything happens all at once and you are taken by surprise.

You can run your fingers through the frilly leaves of asparagus, you can even push it a bit to make it grow straighter.

...but be careful...push too hard and that first year of growth is gone. Asparagus is fragile and needs at least 3 years to grow strong enough to harvest. If you push that foliage too hard in that first or even second year, you will compromise the roots and your plant, YOUR DREAM, just might perish because you pushed too hard.

After awhile, the foliage will become commonplace and you'll get a bit impatient for actual asparagus.

Of course, impatience always breeds frustration, so you are better off just enjoying the rest of the garden while you wait.

One day she'll surprise you.
A tiny, but fierce stalk will shoot up straight from the ground.  You'll want to pick it.

Don't pick that first stalk or you will rob the plant of the top growth it needs to really get off of its feet and survive.

Give YOUR SUCCESS time to grow before you start taking advantage of it.  That day will come and it will come in spades.

In the meantime, just run your fingers through the waves of asparagus and know that your time will come.
There will be a day when you will have a giant harvest  of asparagus spears, simply because you waited and gave them room to grow.

In fact, rumor is that the perennial asparagus keep coming back even longer than the anticipated 20 YEARS that they are supposed to.   

Can you handle 50 years of asparagus harvesting? 
Might you get sick of the taste? 
Probably not, but it is worth considering when you first plant those roots...or begin to chase your dream...

What are you waiting on today?
What are you chasing?


Ladybird Ln said…
Beautiful pictures.. I had no idea about asparagus, I am sure it will not grow where I am, but it is very interesting... I am waiting on Corn and Potatoes in my garden!

Andrea said…
Hi i am new here, just came in via thank you meme. Beautiful photos, i especially love the 2nd. thanks.
Party Of Four said…
I had no idea about Asparagus! Lot to think about, thanks for sharing!
Sarah (Nikki) said…
what a great analogy
Jenn Erickson said…
Amy ~ your photos, your words and your wisdom...beautiful!

gail said…
Amy-I totally agree with Jenn
I was so moved by this. It came at a great time for me. Something came up today that could be great! But I won't push it, I'll be patient!