They are more than their foliage... | Hosta Flower

Do you have something you are good at?  
Do you excel at something?
Do people expect you to be excellent every time you do that one thing?

Maybe it is swimming, maybe it is cooking, maybe it is photography.  
Perhaps you are gorgeous.  Perhaps you are an excellent socialite.
Perhaps you tend the most beautiful garden on the block.

In any regard, do you ever get tired of being great at that one thing?  You know, like Justin Timberlake is all wonderful and has this great singing career and then decides to become an actor because he doesn't want everyone to think that all he can do is sing.   Of course, then that Russian reporter goes all mean and asks him why he would leave what he's good at when he's obviously been so successful...but then Mila Kunis gets all up in her microphone telling that Russian reporter what's what and how wonderful Justin is and yada yada yada.

What does this have to do with Hosta (you are wondering in a slightly sarcastic nasally head voice...)?

Well...quite a bit actually.
Hosta are known for their foliage.
It is what they DO.
They do it well...they do it in shade...and they are gorgeous doing it.
(again...talking about Hosta longer about Mila and Justin...)

...but Hosta can do more than show off gorgeous, low growing foliage.  They can also have beautiful flowers. 

Now your everyday green Hosta with purple flowers is ok, but not particularly stunning.  
Some varieties however, like this guacamole Hosta, have wonderful lime foliage 
AND the bonus of beautiful white blooms in the late summer when little else is blooming.

Guess which Hosta I will be splitting this year...

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Miss Kitty said…
When I saw your first picture, I thought for sure it was a lily. I had no idea that a hosta had a lovely little flower like that. Thanks for sharing and expanding our knowledge.
Hosta's do have beautiful flowers. Good luck splitting them :D