The Dresses for Romania Party is ON!!! | Relevant 2011

OK...take a deep breath.  (That's me talking to myself...)

...because this is big news for me...

I really hate doing things that I am not sure of.  I hate leaping into something when I am not sure of its success.  This is one of those things that could totally flop (oh the shame), but I want to do it so badly, so HERE GOES!

No, I am not attending Relevant. 
Yes, I desperately want to.
No, I am not affiliated with Relevant.
Yes, I want to meet you girls that are coming into town for the big event.
No, this party is not an official Little Dresses for Africa event.
Yes, we will be doing the same type of thing for little girls in Romania.

Here is the deal.  There is a family of missionaries in Romania that we have gotten to know just a bit in the past year or so.  They are the Howertons and they have given everything to minister to the people of Romania.  Please, please go check out their blog HERE!  I don't know about you, but one of the reasons I blog is to connect with other like minded girls that are across the country.  For Joyce, she is across the world and if you would leave her a few words of encouragement on her blog, it would probably make her day :)  There are little girls at the  Howerton's church and with a children's placement center that do not receive new things very often, and I would love to reach out to them with the simple gift of a new dress.  I want them to know they are special, they are loved and they are cherished.  I want to say this through a little cotton dress with perhaps a few ruffles, or a braided detail or cute pocket details.  A little ribbon and pearls to make a difference...

So on to the party....

Yes, there will be food.
No, you don't have to bring any.
Yes, there will be drinks and maybe even ice cream.
No, you don't have to bring any of those things either.
Yes, there is plenty of room for extra guests - bring your friends!
No, I will not cry if no one shows up (yes I have to come!!!)

There will be lavender lemonade and sweet tea, homemade biscuits and apple butter, maybe some pumpkin fudge, perhaps some mint ice cream if I can really get my act together.  There will definitely be free seeds and maybe a free plant or two for you to take home from the garden.  The lucky early birds will get to pick some flowers too I bet...

Is there anything you should bring?
Nothing is required, but the more materials you bring, the more dresses we can make!  The classic Dresses for Africa party started by making dresses out of pillowcases, so materials do not have to be brand new or expensive.

Do you have a dress that is too small for you?  Bring it along, we'll adapt it!
Do you have a bunch of ribbon sitting around?  Bring it!  We'll make bows!
Do you have a hot glue gun?  Bring it and we'll make some fabric flowers with scraps.
Do you have a sewing machine?  If you are driving, please bring it!
Do you own fabric scissors or rotary cutters?  Pack them (just not in your carryon!)
Do you have a basket overflowing with fabric and scraps that you have been meaning to get to forever?  BRING THEM!
Do you have a willingness to help (EVEN IF YOU CANNOT SEW AT ALLLLLL)?
PLEASE STOP BY and encourage the girls that can and are sewing!!! 

SO if you have made it this far through the post, you are at least thinking about coming, yes?   I would absolutely love for you to stop by!!!   I am located 10 minutes from downtown Harrisburg and about 5 minutes from Hershey Park and downtown Hershey.   Please email me or comment for the exact address and more details!  I am still up in the air on holding the party the 26th or the 27th (or BOTH!) based upon what the schedule at Relevant is going to be.  If you are at all interested in coming, please let me know your preference.  To be honest, I wouldn't mind making all the dresses by myself, but how much more exciting and relevant is the coming together and working to make a token of love to send halfway across the world?

Stay tuned for examples of the {SIMPLE} patterns we will be using!!!
Also stay tuned for sneak peeks of recipes I will be preparing....
...and I wasn't kidding about the plants and WILL go home with some freebies!

If you are interested in posting a button on your site to help promote the party, I would appreciate it so much!

Dresses for Romania

Dresses for Romania


Miss Kitty said…
Hey, I live 12 hours (or more) away from you so I won't be coming BUT would you want any fabric, ribbon, etc. sent to you (from projects that just "never got done")?
Lori said…
Oh, I would SO love to come to this!! I can't sew a lick and would totally just be in the way but this is the kind of thing I LOVE!! I just got back from Haiti and we took outfits that the women in our church had sewn for 60 orphans. You have NO IDEA what it was to deliver those to those precious children. But you will probably have an idea soon:) This is just FANTASTIC!! I wish I could come!! :(
meg said…
amy, what a wonderful idea!!!! i wish i could come; i would be there in a heartbeat if it wasn't like a 14 hr drive ;)
I so wish you all could come!! Miss Kitty - YES! I would absolutely use anything that you don't have a use for...especially soft cotton, definitely any bias tape, buttons, etc. THANK YOU!

What do you girls think about hosting your own parties?! We could set the girls up for a year!! :)
Laura said…
That's so great you're doing this. I wish I lived in PA because this is a party I'd love for sure. While you clothe the girls in Romania, I'll continue to clothe the babies in my county :).
Milies said…
Okay! Let me check my schedule....I think I can make it! I'm not an excellent seamstress BUT I have a sewing machine, rotary cutter, scrap fabric, hot glue gun!....etc..
Kara Campuzano said…
I have EVERYTHING on that list! I'm not an excellent seamstress. I will let you know if I can make it. I think it may be possible!
Hey girl - love this idea :)

I would love to help out - keep me in the loop and let me know what/how I can do.

I'll be driving to Relevant, so I can bring a sewing machine and supplies!
oh my goodness GIRLS!! I am so excited!!! Thank you all so much! Kara...I can't wait to see you again and Milies and Auris, I cannot WAIT to meet you!

Laura - I LOVE your words connecting this one time project to your ongoing work for the babies around you...

Girls - I am SOOOO excited!!! Let's grow this thing and make dresses!!!
LisaWeidknecht said…
I can't come, but I'll be happy to send some stuff if I can.
Miss Kitty said…
Oh, I have let the time slip up on me for sending you some fabric. Is the sewing party tomorrow? I went to the attic to find the never-done-project-material and, of course, I can't locate it. I meant to just go buy some and send it to you. I think I could email you a gift card from JoAnn's or a Visa gift card today if you need some supplies for making the dresses. Just let me know.