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17 August 2011

The Domino Effect

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SO the domino effect....you know, one thing happens and it makes another thing happen and over and over and over again until...

The domino effect for me however is this impulse to buy, buy, buy. I see them, I buy them. I love them in any shape and size and form. Perhaps it is the designed order of shape and form. Perhaps it is the abundance of a set of same shaped objects. I dunno. I just love them. So when I saw a set for 99 cents a few years ago, there was no question that it would be mine...

Um...yeah wait...those aren't dominoes...those are chunks of wood...

Yes those ARE chunks of wood...big chunky wooden DOMINOES that is...

...and so a project material is born...

The question that is tripping me up though is WHICH project should I use my limited supply on...
Should I line the rims of dresser drawers with them?
Should I utilize the hole in the middle by creating some type of hanging sculpture?
Should I utilize the numeric aspect of the dominoes by using them in a schedule or time chart?
Should I save them for some other brilliant project down the road?  Do you have a brilliant idea for my dominoes?!

For now, they are looking all cute on my desk, but as soon as I bite the bullet on choosing one, 
I'll be showing you a sweet project with these hunks of wood with black dots all over them :)

...and on a side note...is anyone watching Design Star??  Clap now if you love Meg and Kellie!!!


Anonymous Wednesday, August 17, 2011  

You could make a sculpture: tie them all to stirngs in a floating domino game that doesn't stay flat but goes up down left right

KSK Thursday, August 18, 2011  

***AGH! I didn't realize Design Star was on!!! I'm glad they run mini-marathons! phew!
I like dominoes, but never thought to craft anything from them... hmm! Interesting! :)

Stopping by from Meg's Mingle!

Classy Career Girl Friday, August 26, 2011  

I have never seen photos of dominos like this! It is gorgeous! :)

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