Tents and Temptation

In our neck of the woods, it has been HOT outdoors which means lots of swimming and sweating and indoor projects.  We have been tackling our boys' rooms this past week, moving the two big boys together in their "camping" room and the bebe to his own nursery. We did very little to the boys' rooms when we first moved in last year, so as fun as it is for them to get new rooms, I think it is actually more fun for me to get something interesting on those walls and give the space a bit of personality :)

Our boys are constantly making tents and forts and since Alex built a fort for the boys, it was my turn to make the tents.  Well, when I say make, I say that quite loosely.  I came up with the ideas and did the sewing and painting, but Alex was the one who actually MADE the tents.  Details.

The tents are made from cheap pine, but I painted them out to look like redwood and match the dressers in the room.  The base coat is salmon, the second coat is a light brown and the final coat was a metallic bronze that was applied on edges and around the hardware and then rubbed in.  The paint is rubbed in instead of just sprayed on to give a woodstain effect instead of straight paint.  More details to come...

After painting out the wood (while chasing my one year old around the yard with paint covered hands - WHY do I not wear gloves?!), I cut up some plaid shirts and a giant plaid Snuggy I picked up for a few bucks at the thrift store.  I cut out the pockets and button strips for trimming.

I'm already finding things hidden in the pockets and the room isn't finished yet...I would say the pockets are a success :)

I was very choosy when it came to the shirts I picked.  They could be no more than $2, solid, thick heavy plaids with no pilling, and in the color scheme.  I shot for the men's section in the biggest sizes possible to get the most fabric, and ended up getting everything I needed to finish the tents including wood, paint and fabric for around $10.  I ended up using a little canvas fabric I had at home and a bit of a blue blanket I had at home, but ended up with enough leftover material from the Snuggy to make an extra blanket.

the Snuggy...
A few wrapped books, stars in the "sky" and their tents nestled in a pine forest and the little room is taking shape.  I still need to make some little felt pinecones, finish up their chalkboard/hookrack made from the bottom of a crib and paint up the toyboxes Alex made for them...and then there is the baby room...(and you MUST come back for the baby room...I love it so...)

Of course, it isn't completely finished yet, so you'll just have to wait on the final product...
You were wondering what the temptation was right?  You thought I was going to offer free chocolate, now didn't you?

Come back tomorrow to see the finished product when I join up with the Pinterest Challenge!

Are you joining???


Yolanda said…
OK, I'm hooked. Can't wait to see what it looks like!!
Thanks for visiting my blog, too.
Laura said…
Looks totally awesome. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. And i'm finally following you back, friend. Visiting via Mingle Monday.
That's fabulous Laura! I totally just lost a follower (that is a sad thing, yes?!), so thanks for boosting that numero back up again :) You are the sweetest...and you seriously have a standing offer if you are anywhere near Hershey!

Yolanda - glad to hook you :) Please come back!!