She's a FREEk!

Sometimes people write really hilariously awesome comments.  A lot of times the only person that reads those comments is the writer of the blog and that is a bit of a shame.  ...because when the question is asked "Are you a FREEk?" and the answer requires you to click "read more" in the comment section, you KNOW that the commenter is a SERIOUS FREEk.  So FREEk FREEk commenter Maggie...she rocks my socks off...

"Are you a FREEk?"

Oh man, definitely! I drove past some roadside suitcases on my way to work this morning and, had I not been running late - they'd be in my Jeep right now.
I don't think I've spent more than $200 on furniture. As in, for my entire apartment.
My bedroom set and my armchairs are inherited from my late grandparents.
My airlift sewing table was a craigslist free section find and was free because it was "broken." I e-mailed the manufacturer and got a new manual for the table - it wasn't broken at all, just finicky, and $400 had I gotten it new.
My bookshelf was a roadside find that my grandfather found and called me about.
My steamer trunk (with wood rails and everything!) was in the garbage at my friend's neighbor's place the night after a party.
My coffee table is a roommate's roadside find from college that I rehabbed into a table that now holds ticket stubs.
I'm in the process of rehabbing a vintage Samsonite hard-bodied suitcase, found on top of the recycle bins behind my apartment.
I plan to turn the desk I found on the side of the road into a light table for fashion drawing. The vintage school desk I found on craigslist can stay the way it is.

I suppose I should blog about my habits, too! I'm a FREEk and PROUD.

You can visit FREEk Maggie HERE!
...and if you consider yourself a FREEk...go ahead and leave a FREEktastic comment!


Natural Mama said…
I love being a FREEk, I stop and grab goodies off the sidewalk and trash all the time, and love refurbishing and giving them a new life! I think I shall have to write a post about being a FREEk and link to you for the inspiration actually.
ElectricKatie said…
Oh, Mags (a.k.a: Sister), You definitely are a FREEk! We both get those tendencies from our mother. Though our Dad has recently FREEked his way into 4 Chippendale chairs, a small table for his dining area, and a very cool drafting table!

I guess it's genetic.

Since this posting, she has scored a vintage Coleman cooler from her neighbors - all it needs is a little cleaning. And I have to say that her Samsonite suitcase is turning out beautifully!

Things I've FREEked: couches (though one is going right to Maggie, and the other to my roommate), my bed, a desk, bookshelves (Maggie, if TG needs one of those...), 30 gallon aquarium, artwork, and my proudest are my two cane chairs.