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05 August 2011

My new blue baby... | Singer 337, Haeger and Seinfeld

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Guess who is hiding in there?
There's a little clue on top...

yeah...she needs new handles doesn't she?

Yeah -- that clue...you see it right?
She's blue and she's beautiful...

In fact, she could be considered your wedding "blue" if you made your wedding dress on her...

...channeling Betty Draper circa 1964

...and if you guessed an aquamarine 1964 Singer sewing machine with matching aquamarine petal cord and blond wood desk,  
you would be correct!!!

Now guess the price...

If you've been keeping up with my facebook page, you might know the answer,
but if not, I'll let you squirm for a bit while I show off a few more things I picked up yesterday...

Pretty for floating flowers, yes?  ...or maybe chestnuts around the Holidays...
I love this vintage Haeger pottery that pops up every once in awhile at thrift stores.  
This piece was 99 cents...even cheaper than new pottery, yes?

I also picked this book up for $1.49.  
I've been curious about it for several years now, so I finally bit the bullet and bought it.

OK, ok, I've kept you in suspense far too long...that little table and sewing machine?
I'm smiling...

What have you found lately???


SocialStudiesSoubrette Friday, August 05, 2011  

Our little community has an annual yard sale crawl that is happening next weekend. It spreads over about a 40 mile section of road so I am gearing up to find oodles of goodies. Congrats on your new baby. Lovely find!

Sarah, Three Boys Friday, August 05, 2011  

ummm 7.50?! Are you KIDDING ME???? I am sooo jealous. I even have a kitchen aide mixer in the SAME color. I'm just saying. Lucky duck!

Laura Saturday, August 06, 2011  

Good finds! I am super impressed. And when I sit down and blog about the pictures I've taken lately you'll see my recent garage sale finds.

Holyoke Home Saturday, August 06, 2011  

That is the most CHARMING sewing machine I've ever seen! Darling!

Holly Lefevre Saturday, August 06, 2011  

That sewing machine is gorgeous! Oh the color! I have that book too - there are some useful recipes in there for sure and some ideas I have adapted to other things I already cook. Have fun!

meg Saturday, August 06, 2011  

ohhhhh i LOVE that blue sewing machine!! that is like the perfect blue :)

Kristina Sunday, August 07, 2011  

Oh, it's gorgeous Amy! Love the blue even more than my green I have to say. Let us know what it's like sewing with it!

Taylor Monday, August 08, 2011  

I have the exact same machine - her name is Tiffany (cliche I know, but how could I not call her that when her colour is Tiffany Blue :)

Tough Cookie Mommy Thursday, August 11, 2011  

Hi,there. Thanks for passing by and participating in Monday Mingle at ToughCookieMommy.com. Hopefully, I will see you back every Monday. I am now following via GFC and would love to add you to my followers too.

P.S. Have we connected on Facebook yet?


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