Making Homemade Applesauce and a CELEBRATION!

We have a few ancient apple trees in our backyard.  The apples have a slightly sweet taste, with a bit of a tart bite to them.  The problem is that we have not figured out how to care for the trees well enough to keep the apples from being damaged by bugs and birds.  The result is a bunch of apples that don't look very good, but have wonderful taste.

What to do?

Make applesauce!

See how beat up these apples are?  They are absolutely perfect for making applesauce.  In fact, if you are buying apples to make your own homemade applesauce, you will want to ask the farm or orchard for the "seconds".  Those are the apples that have fallen off the trees, apples that fell off the apple cart, or simply apples that aren't perfectly round and unblemished.  They cost less, but make applesauce that tastes just as good!  If you are purchasing apples, try to purchase apples that have a sweeter taste such as Gala, Fugi or even Red Delicious.  You will want to stay away from super tart apples like Granny Smiths.

So to read more and see how I turned those ugly nasty "seconds" apples into some sweet strained cider and applesauce,
head on over to CELEBRATIONS.COM where they are featuring my recipe today!

Now run out and get some "seconds"!
There is no better way to celebrate the cool air of the coming fall!

I can't seem to get the link working?? here is the direct link if you are interested in the rest of the article:

Thanks Laura!



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Laura said…
I couldn't find it! Please send me the direct link as I was just gifted some apples today and plan to turn them into applesauce. I know my recipe, but am curious to see yours before I get started :).
Hi Laura!

It wasn't working for me either and I can't seem to fix it, but here is the direct link! It is VERY simple...I'd love to see your recipe!!