Love can be Misty | Love-in-a-mist

"Love-in-a-mist" is quickly becoming one of my favorite flowers.  I grew it last year from seed and it did well, so I was able to save a little seed and also traded with Angie for a few more.  I threw it in a pot this year, and then subsequently knocked the pot over, spilling everything.  Good gravy...

So I thought I would have to give up love-in-a-mist and try again next year, but to my surprise about a month later, a few plants started growing and I have about 4 little plants soldiering on...enough to get seed from for next year.  I'm supposed to learn a lesson from that right?  Even though the seeds seemed destined to die under the grass they fell in, a few still remained in the pot and grew tall and strong enough to plant more seed...there has to be a parenting lesson in there somewhere...

Anyway...if you have never seen it before, the foliage really does look kind of "misty", especially en masse, then it has these lovely little blue flowers in the summer, but the real show is in the fall when the seedpods develop.

They are so pretty that I even spotted a few in a recent bride's bouquet this summer.    
Do you see them?
(Check out the rest of Janelle's wedding photos HERE if you are interested!)

Now, in comparison, my one little seedpod below isn't much to look at, but wait until those seeds inside grow next year...
I'll be giving Janelle a run for her money with my bouquets ;)


Very nice - I didn't know anything about them until now, thanks!
What an absolutely gorgeous bouquet! I have never grown or heard of Love-in-a-mist but I am intrigued by your gorgeous pictures.