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22 August 2011

How to Build an Inexpensive Outdoor Playspace

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Those are the knobby knees of my baby perched on a stump of wood.
Clearly, we are at a ritzy playground, right?

Well, if there were any doubt, check out this barrel tunnel.

Fun times, right?
Seriously fun times thanks to Nana and Pop. 

They were gracious enough to bring down a bunch of wood stumps, that giant barrel, a tire and a load of sand.  
Those simple (yet heavy!) ingredients make a delightful playground for the boys.

Did I mention the load of sand?

(...the next words out of my mouth were "Get your mouth off of that nasty barrel!!!"...jsyk...)

...and 2 points to whomever can guess what kind of ball this is...

We have one giant old tree with twisted beautiful limbs 
(that unfortunately is covered in poison ivy, but that's a whole 'nother post for another day...) 
...limbs that are big and strong and long enough to hold a rope swing...

If you would like to see her in all her icy, winter glory, you can see her HERE!

...but if you just want to see what she will hold...read on!

...and not only did Pop hang a rope swing, but he made another type of swing too...
3 points if you guess where this view is from...

2 points if you can figure it out now...

1 point for stating the obvious...

YAY for tire swings!!!
A FREEk designer's dream, tire swings are the cheapest of the cheap, but oh so much fun...
(Mom has even gone for a few rides...but only when no one is watching :)

By the way, if you guessed TETHERBALL, you are correct!
Now, how many points did you get altogether???
(Am I the only one who used to love adding up my points on Glamour and Seventeen quizes??)

Goodbye little sandy feet.  I love you.

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#DIY Coconut_Oil Lotion Project_Ideas and Craft_Ideas from Amy Renea at A Nest for All Seasons

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Becky Jane Monday, August 22, 2011  

Your playground is a childs dream...I love the barrel idea! Going to add that one to my kids playground!

Lydia @ See Beautiful Monday, August 22, 2011  

Your pictures are simply inspiring and your play outside day makes us want to take our shoes off and play in the grass. Thanks for the smile & happy seeing beautiful.

Ewa Monday, August 22, 2011  

OMG, that looks like lots of fun, I have to remember to do something like that when my little one is older, ( he's just over three weeks old :) )

SocialStudiesSoubrette Monday, August 22, 2011  

What a fantastic playground! It's so funny to watch little ones in sand. They absolutely must put their faces in it. My husband is horrified of how messy Little Bit is after a romp in his sandbox but hey we live in the country so he is going to get dirty (and like it ;D).

Sarah, Three Boys Sunday, August 28, 2011  

What a great idea! I bet the boys had so much fun. Hope you are having a wonderful summer!

Anonymous Tuesday, April 03, 2012  

I love this post! =) Can you tell me what kind of barrel that is? I've been searching and searching online to find where I can buy such a thing for our backyard. Do you know where your parents got it? And how heavy is it to move? Thanks!!

Amy Renea Sunday, August 19, 2012  

I have NO idea where they got it - I'm sorry! Craigslist is usually our go to for weird materials like that though...check the "materials" section.

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