FREEk Design

I'm a FREEk. 
I like free things more than anything I could possibly buy. 
The uglier it is, the better because the transformation will be even more amazing.
Case in point...this rocker and this broken chair turned towel rack.  Two favorites FOR SURE.

Now, I know I am not alone.
C'mon raise your hands girls.
You know who you are!!!

You are the ones that think the little room below is fine, but when you find out it was nearly FREE, you LOOOOOVE it...

Maybe you are the kind of FREEk that doesn't like to redo or repurpose free items, you simply obtain them and use them, like this wonderfully rusted bucket for the garden...oooooooor perhaps you prefer to completely rework items so that they don't even resemble their former selves like these dresser drawer turned art display cabinet.  

So what kind of FREEk are you?

Are you a pull a dresser from the trash and 
give it a facelift kind of FREEk designer?

...or are you a little weirded out by getting things 
out of the trash, so your freebies come from friends?? 

...or maybe you are one of those FREEks that 
love love love the free bin at garage sales.


...or are you a pull a picture frame from the trash and change the way it functions FREEk?  


Whichever way you lean, you should be proud to be a FREEk.

I know I am :)

...and credit where credit is due...GAIL thanks for making the "k" in FREEk a lowercase!
If you haven't checked out My Repurposed Life, you are totally missing out on an amazing FREEk!


Maggie said…
Oh man, definitely! I drove past some roadside suitcases on my way to work this morning and, had I not been running late - they'd be in my Jeep right now.
I don't think I've spent more than $200 on furniture. As in, for my entire apartment.
My bedroom set and my armchairs are inherited from my late grandparents.
My airlift sewing table was a craigslist free section find and was free because it was "broken." I e-mailed the manufacturer and got a new manual for the table - it wasn't broken at all, just finicky, and $400 had I gotten it new.
My bookshelf was a roadside find that my grandfather found and called me about.
My steamer trunk (with wood rails and everything!) was in the garbage at my friend's neighbor's place the night after a party.
My coffee table is a roommate's roadside find from college that I rehabbed into a table that now holds ticket stubs.
I'm in the process of rehabbing a vintage Samsonite hard-bodied suitcase, found on top of the recycle bins behind my apartment.
I plan to turn the desk I found on the side of the road into a light table for fashion drawing. The vintage school desk I found on craigslist can stay the way it is.

I suppose I should blog about my habits, too! I'm a FREEk and PROUD.
Laura said…
I am continually impressed with your creativity. I've yet to reach your level, but I do love a great deal. Most of my jeans are free hand me downs from my sister. Love wearing those!
Barb said…
I wish I were creative like that! I love the broken chair turned towel rack! Found you through Thoughtful Thursday!
WOW, i love the dresser idea for art! Actually all those idea are awesome!
I just don't think I'd be able to turn anything free and ugly into something as great as what you have made!!!
Anonymous said…
"C'mon raise your hands girls"
You're kidding, right?
Since when did you Girls have the monopoly on being a freeK? Just sayin'
Good point good point!! Are there boys reading this blog?!?! That would thrill me to no end :) Speak up boys!!!