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30 August 2011

David Austin's Evelyn, Hydrangea and a little Beautyberry

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Are you sick of hearing about David Austin Roses yet?  Might I remind you, they are NOT a sponsor of A nest for All Seasons, but I seriously adore them.  My rosebushes that I planted bareroot have produced about 5-7 blooms each during their first season.  (The climbing rose hasn't produced any yet, but it is putting forth a lot of energy climbing!).  The roses are still small, but they are beautifully cupped and small divine.  It is totally worth the $25+ pricetag each.

I mean seriously...look at the inside of that rose!  
It is beautiful...like a little french petticoat all ruffled and swirled.

I paired this rose very simply with a few sprigs of hydrangea, a smaller rose and budded rose and a teensy bit of beautyberry.

What is beautyberry?

Well, I will be delighted to show you a more in depth look at beautyberry in a few days.  It is a beautiful hardy little bush that produces purple berries in the fall - unique, yes?  Even better, the berries are a bright, almost lime green when they first appear and slowly turn purple, so you have two options.  For this arrangement, I decided to just use the green and let the rosebush take center stage.  However, when I went to pull the purple berries off, they all fell into the water and I loved the way they look bobbing around the rim of the little vintage glass cruet.

See them?

If only you could SMELL through the computer...you would be DYING....


SocialStudiesSoubrette Tuesday, August 30, 2011  

Oh those are lovely!

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