David Austin's Evelyn, Hydrangea and a little Beautyberry

Are you sick of hearing about David Austin Roses yet?  Might I remind you, they are NOT a sponsor of A nest for All Seasons, but I seriously adore them.  My rosebushes that I planted bareroot have produced about 5-7 blooms each during their first season.  (The climbing rose hasn't produced any yet, but it is putting forth a lot of energy climbing!).  The roses are still small, but they are beautifully cupped and small divine.  It is totally worth the $25+ pricetag each.

I mean seriously...look at the inside of that rose!  
It is beautiful...like a little french petticoat all ruffled and swirled.

I paired this rose very simply with a few sprigs of hydrangea, a smaller rose and budded rose and a teensy bit of beautyberry.

What is beautyberry?

Well, I will be delighted to show you a more in depth look at beautyberry in a few days.  It is a beautiful hardy little bush that produces purple berries in the fall - unique, yes?  Even better, the berries are a bright, almost lime green when they first appear and slowly turn purple, so you have two options.  For this arrangement, I decided to just use the green and let the rosebush take center stage.  However, when I went to pull the purple berries off, they all fell into the water and I loved the way they look bobbing around the rim of the little vintage glass cruet.

See them?

If only you could SMELL through the computer...you would be DYING....