Collecting Sunflower Seed

What is that ugly thing?
Well, that's a sunflower head and it is ready to be harvested!  Yippee!
A few weeks ago, this sunflower started a slow death...

...and I really wanted to pull those seeds off of their, but they were tiny and immature and would not have germinated. I waited...
...forever it seemed...

...which is ridiculous, because it is not as if harvesting them sooner would have made any difference.  You see, I have to wait for next spring for the seeds to sprout and take root anyway.  So my desire to harvest them immediately is a bit foolish.  Foolish to rush, but natural, right? 

Eventually though, the seeds were ready.  You can tell when they are ready by watching the entire plant.  
When the entire sunflower plant grows yellow and looks like fall is calling it home, that is when you can harvest the seed.  
When you rub your fingers on the top of the seeds gently and they roll off into your hand without a fight, that is when you can harvest the seed.  
When the sunflower its willful indifference to natural elements, starts to bend under the weight of gravity and loses the beauty of its youth,
that is when it really becomes something valuable and viable and ready to start anew.

You can tell right?
You can tell I'm not just speaking of sunflowers.

Sometimes I learn things that I can't explain...but usually they can be explained in the garden. 
Sometimes I learn things that are too hard to talk about...but the plants can speak for me.
Sometimes I learn things by watching the plants that I would take a lifetime learning otherwise.

Luckily, the garden lives its life in a single year.  
Otherwise, I would be stuck learning the simple lessons when I'm 60 or 70 instead of when I am {almost!} 30.  
I should have done more gardening when I was 20...


Laura said…
I love that you pull so many life lessons from your garden. And I learned something new about the life of a sunflower!
I love sunflowers and pulling the seeds from them. My Mom grows giant ones. When I was little I used to beg her to let me tear them down just to pull the seeds out :D So glad that a lesson accompanied your time in the garden. I find I am most inspired and closest to God when I am near his creation.