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06 July 2011

The secretest best place to watch fireworks... | Hershey, PA

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We had to lay on our backs to watch the explosion of fireworks on the 4th.
We were joined by maybe only 100 other people on our little private hill.
...AND we were just far enough away that no ash spilled on us.

PERFECT SPOT for watching fireworks...
...and I'm not going to share my secret spot because it will get all crowded and not perfect anymore, 
but I promise bloggy and real friends, if you visit Hershey on the 4th of July next year, I will bring you with us!

That night the camera stayed home...sometimes I seperate myself from the lens to make sure I sit back and  
live the memories instead of just recording them...
earlier that day however...


SocialStudiesSoubrette Wednesday, July 06, 2011  

Sounds like you had a lovely holiday! Of course the shots are wonderful as always.

Becky Jane Wednesday, July 06, 2011  

Your new header is beautiful. Is that lavender? This is the first year we did not do fireworks. All our kids are gone for the week...

allenaim photography and design Wednesday, July 06, 2011  

We did! and thank you :) ...and if anyone was wondering...these boys got haircuts the next day...just covering my bases here... :)

❀ⒹⒺⒺ❀ Wednesday, July 06, 2011  

Very cute!


Becky Jane Wednesday, July 06, 2011  

Do you have a button that i could put on my blog? Also, is it possible to subscribe via email to you blog? I don't do rss. If you need assistance putting these items on please let me know!

Grace Wednesday, July 06, 2011  

LOL, I didn't think the boys hair looked long. I was just admiring their cute little faces and how much they look like they love one another.

Beth Thursday, July 07, 2011  

Congrats! You have passed test 1 of becoming a local. If you were able to get to the hill you're pretty darn cool! I spent almost every 4th of July of my life on that hill. Great spot!

allenaim photography and design Thursday, July 07, 2011  

I want to know the 2nd, 3rd and 4th tests of being a local! Bring it on!! :)

Jenn Erickson Sunday, July 10, 2011  

Such wonderful photos! Looks like you had a fabulous 4th!

I have fond memories of visiting Hershey, PA when I was a child. My dad grew up in York, PA, so we'd visit his parents every summer. A day trip to Hershey was always one of the highlights!


Anonymous Wednesday, July 04, 2012  

I went on a search for the hill after finding this blog post.. I think I found it :-) will see shortly! :-)

Amy Renea Thursday, July 05, 2012  

Did you find it? Did you find it?!?

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