Do you click on other people's ads?

Hi blogger friends!

If you are like me, you avoid ads at all costs, right? You kind of appreciate beautiful advertising, but for the most part ignore it and run for the hills so it doesn't entice you to buy something. Right? If you are anything like me, they annoy you on TV and you were absolutely thrilled when DVR was invented.

What does this little rant have to do with blogging?

Well, here is the thing...we are all trying to make a little money off of our blogs to "support our habit", yes? OK, forgive me, MOST of us would like to make a little money off of our blogs, yes? I know there are some purists who would say they ONLY blog for social reasons, but if given the choice, I bet most of you would take a few bucks in the pocket at the same time...

Anyway...all this leads me to my question...
Do you click on other people's ads within their blogs? 

We all know that clicks count for more money than impressions, so lately I started realizing I could help my blogger friends out a bit by clicking on an ad or two when I am on their site.  It is an easy way to support each other...just click every once in awhile and send a buck your friend's way.  Makes sense, yes?? 

...but on a cautionary on your bloggy FRIENDS ads that you TRUST.   They will be set up with legitimate companies and will not lead you to spam and viruses and all that yicky stuff...

...much love from the beach y'all...CLICK SOME ADS on your way out ;)


Stephanie said…
I think that is a wonderful idea. I don't have any ads on my blog (yet). Hopefully I can later though. I agree, I would like to make money too. :)
tracie said…
nice way to look at it. i don't have enough traffic to worry about making money yet.. but it wouldn't hurt to help out a fellow bloggy pal! :)
Great post! I actually have yet to set up any ad's, call me technically challenged ;) But on reading this maybe its time I sat down and learnt a thing or two about it. Also what a wonderful thing to do for your friends, I'll be sure to click more often =) Cheers Julia
Nope. I don't do this, even as a courtesy. Sorry.
Denise said…
Hmmmm. It would be *awesome* if I could pay for the cost of running the site (ISP fees, domain registry fees, etc.)

I don't have any ads, and just assumed I would need at least a gazillion page views/visitors to even think about ads.

I only have a (very) small handful of followers/readers and I appreciate and love every single one. But I don't think it's enough to turn an ad on my site.

Or is it?

Hey, I have a post idea! Post about what you *need* to get some advertisers.
BayParkDream said…
Loved the post and the blog in general! We've been thinking about this lately as well. We're definitely not big enough yet to have specific advertisers, but we do use adsense (placed a little ad under the first blog post and one on the right side) and though we love to blog about our house and lives in San Diego, we also don't mind to make a buck or two here and there if possible. We've been making a special effort to click on other bloggers ads (of interest) lately in the hopes that they'll do the same.