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08 June 2011

When stealing is OK

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Sometimes my kids steal my stuff.  
A lot of the time it bugs me.  
Sometimes it bugs me a lot.  
Sometimes I could care less.  
This was one of those times when i could care less...

You see, I actually bought a hamster wheel.  It was 60 cents, half off.  ....and we don't have a hamster.  
I did have a plan for the wheel though, but before I could get to starting on it, my bebes stole it.

...and like I said before, it didn't bug me.  
It didn't bug me because they learned about centrifugal force.
It didn't bug me because I think they had more fun with it than I did.
It didn't bug me because...well, who gets bugged over that type of thing anyway?

Me, that's who...I often let this type of thing bug me....but not today.  
Today they played.  Today I just watched.  ...and today I was not bugged.  Win-win-win.


Eventually, they got sick of the hamster wheel, and I went on to make my project .
(no, I can't show it to you yet...soon!)


Along with the hamster wheel, I picked up this stand?  thing? for 25 cents.  I liked the shape and thought it might be fun painted bright kelly green or something.  At the moment it works ok for storing office and art supplies.  However, I think the boys could think of something more entertaining to do with it.  Maybe I'll leave it out for them to "steal"...

I wonder if I've learned my lesson about stealing...

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