When stealing is OK

Sometimes my kids steal my stuff.  
A lot of the time it bugs me.  
Sometimes it bugs me a lot.  
Sometimes I could care less.  
This was one of those times when i could care less...

You see, I actually bought a hamster wheel.  It was 60 cents, half off.  ....and we don't have a hamster.  
I did have a plan for the wheel though, but before I could get to starting on it, my bebes stole it.

...and like I said before, it didn't bug me.  
It didn't bug me because they learned about centrifugal force.
It didn't bug me because I think they had more fun with it than I did.
It didn't bug me because...well, who gets bugged over that type of thing anyway?

Me, that's who...I often let this type of thing bug me....but not today.  
Today they played.  Today I just watched.  ...and today I was not bugged.  Win-win-win.


Eventually, they got sick of the hamster wheel, and I went on to make my project .
(no, I can't show it to you yet...soon!)


Along with the hamster wheel, I picked up this stand?  thing? for 25 cents.  I liked the shape and thought it might be fun painted bright kelly green or something.  At the moment it works ok for storing office and art supplies.  However, I think the boys could think of something more entertaining to do with it.  Maybe I'll leave it out for them to "steal"...

I wonder if I've learned my lesson about stealing...


grace said…
Looking forward to seeing the project that you make from the hamster wheel and stand. Glad you got your hamster wheel back :)
Amy this post is so sweet. I love the little video showing the wheel in use. Great finds too. Now I'm so curious what your plans are for it. Hugs
oops left that comment from my other blog. HUGS!!!!
Becky Jane said…
Amy...that little video clip was fun! Loved the little piggies standing on the book! so glad you joined us on Scavenger!

Visiting from Twisted Scavenger
Thanks, Becky Jane

Shared your post on Stumble, FB, and Twitter!
I can't wait to show it off!!! :) Thanks for stopping by grace and katherine!
LisaWeidknecht said…
I can't wait to see the project!
Everybody won! You have to love that much entertainment for 60 cents :D
Wakela Runen said…
Kids imaginations always come up with the greatest uses for different things.
Chas said…
The stand is an apple stand. They were popular in primitive decor about 15 years ago. That is when I bought mine. I have also used it for glass votives. I found many different uses for it throughout the years. Can't wait to see what you do with it too.