Reaching out...

The chickens are getting big these huge big. It is stunning how quickly they grow. If they were a plant, they would be weed. ...but a good weed that makes eggs...or something like that... Maybe like mint...or cannas...or sunflowers even...just SO quick to grow up.

Raising Chickens and Children

They have been free ranging lately, and aside from a little chicken poo here and there, it has been great. 
Well, it has been great except for the first time I tried to "herd" my chickens back into the coop at night. 
Oh, and the second time I tried to herd them through the middle of a field back into their coop in the middle of an electrical storm. 

Raising Chickens and Children

I finally wisened up and realized that as soon as the sun sets just over the horizon, the chickies are up in the top of their coop going night-night. (DOes anyone else think in baby terms like "night-night" after saying it so often to their kids?? Do you ever start actually WRITING in baby talk? Oh my...) Anyway, they have a strong instinct to be safe in their coop once night falls, so now I just wait and lock them up once they are in. If I need them in their coop a little more quickly, I've learned that herding them does NOT work, but throwing little bits of steak or ground beef in front of them DOES.

Raising Chickens and Children

I've mentioned before that part of my desire to have chickens is to help raise my children to understand where their food comes from. I hope they are learning lessons from the chickens. I hope they are learning that giving is fun. I hope they learn that caring for a creature weaker than you is rewarding. I hope that they learn that when a predator catches a chicken, it just needs to eat too. I hope they learn that reaching out open handed and making a creature feel safe with you is one of the greatest feelings.

Raising Chickens and Children
Raising Chickens and Children
Raising Chickens and Children
Raising Chickens and Children


Heather said…
I wish I could have chickens! I love the the chicken butt picture!
LOL! Thanks for the chuckle. My Mom has a hobby farm and she loves her chickens. I love the fresh eggs. You really cant beat a farm fresh egg. Hubs and I tried our hand at chicken farming a few years ago but a weasel ate all of our lovely chickens. We never got any to replace them but Hubs has been clucking a lot about chickens as of late. Sorry, I adore a bad pun ;D
grace said…
I always love having chickens. We are going to get them again. We were busy and away at night teaching pottery.
I'm a great chicken herder if I do say so myself. I'd have to get them in the coop before I left for classes so I got quite good at it.
Loved seeing your chickens.
Oh how I wish you were out here! This week-end is the "Tour de Coop" and several owners are getting their coops and yards all spiffied up (like my neighbors!)
A few weeks ago they (the girls..chickens) got out and were in my front yard..I was soo worried - thought they'd get hit by a car or I tried the herding..nope..doesn't work..but they do follow the bread I was tossing..all the way home to their coop! Still..they are amazing..have you read Alice Walker's new book? It's "The Chicken Chronicles..Sitting with the Angels" and I LOVED it! I highly suggest it :-)
Becky Jane said…
The photo of the chick back ends is great...thanks for the laugh!

Visiting from Twisted Scavenger…a new TWIST on blog hopping!
Thanks, Becky Jane
LisaWeidknecht said…
Chicken butt? SNORT. You are so funny. Someday we'll live in the country, but no chickens here in the suburbs!
LisaWeidknecht said…
PS - I have just voted for A Nest for All Seasons on PFB!
grace said…
I commented on this yesterday. Did it not show up? Check your spam as I may be in there. I went over today and voted for you on Babble
jessica said…
awesome!! i have a lady that i work with who also has chickens. she brings their eggs and shares with all of us..and they are soooo gooooddd!
Alyssa said…
I would love to have chickens, and the kids want some, too. My husband, not so much. I would love having fresh eggs! And I didn't know chickens liked Cheerios!
Amiee said…
I really enjoyed seeing all of your pics and reading about your chickens :)

I agree with you about the things you hope your children learn, but I think it would be sad to have to eat something you hand-fed and cared for. I do love to eat chicken though ;)
Steve said…
Great Chicken Pics!! I just brought home our first ever flock of Black Australorp chicks yesterday. A dozen of the fuzzy little peepers:-D Wore out the camera on them myself as soon as I got them home. Many more mugshots to come I'm sure.