Marigolds are Ugly! Why you should plant them anyway...

UGH...Marigolds...who would ever plant them?  
They are such a raucous, 1970's shade of gold with a boring little pom pom flower, ugly COMMON...why grow them?

Well, there is one good reason that I know of.  
See those little plants over there?  Those are my veggies.

...and while I realize I will sacrifice some to our resident groundhog and perhaps a bunny or two, I would prefer to keep the bugs away.  
...and the prevailing wives' tale on Marigolds says that they will repel certain veggie attackers like aphids...

Who knows if they are right...but a few cents worth of seeds is worth the try, don't you think?

Marigolds are one of those easy to grow seeds that you can literally just throw on the ground, water it in and watch it grow.  
The seeds are actually prettier than the plant aren't they?

I trust you marigolds...don't let me down! 
Keep those bugs away!

What helps YOU with bugs in your garden???


Greenacremama said…
I LOVE marigolds because they keep so many different bugs away. I have mint to deter ants and but it is not as effective as I had hoped.
Have a great day~
too funny! My dad used to plant those all the time! And, I have never planted them. Of course, I can't seem to grow anything so maybe I should start with marigolds.

:0) laura
Lona said…
I have heard my grandparents talk about planting marigolds in the garden and even around fruit trees to keep pests away. I personally think it is the smell that turns them away. LOL! I know it does me.
Torviewtoronto said…
thank you Amy for sharing
I knew they keep bugs away so we usually buy the flower and plant
next time will get the seeds would be cheaper and can have more flowers
Brittany said…
I use marigolds too! They work like a charm!
OOOO I'm gonna try this too! thanks for the tip!

Thanks for stopping by A Little Lilly Love, I'm following you back:)
I live marigolds! I never new they had a bad rep. Are they in the carnation category?
Poor Marigolds:( they get such a bad rap. But at-least they are functional, right? On a side note, my peonies are finally thinking about opening and I have two little men who are dead set on destroying them. Grrrrr