I don't know if I could raise a girl...

I have boys.  3 of them.   These boys are all boy...well bebeRed does like contemporary dance (I've let him watch too many episodes of SYTYCD with me...see HERE and HERE) and bebeRex has a definitive love of pink and purple, but otherwise they are ALL BOY.  Like hitting each other over the head with fake swords, using couches as launching pads instead of seats, rolling in mud like happy oinkers, eating plates and plates of food and then running and running and running so they still have chicken legs and knocking knees (and the cutest little bums you've ever seen, but perhaps I'm a little biased as their mother).  TMI?

 My point is this though...every once in awhile I start wanting a girl.  A little tiny, prissy thing that wants to do her hair 6 different ways, 7 times a day, and drink from a teacup with her pinky up in the air.  A little girl that enjoys looking at rack after rack of clothing and would rather take a stroll through the park than dig for worms off the beaten path.  (Yes, I know I am glorifying little girls...)

 The problem is this...I have had three babies and I do not know if my body could handle another.  I felt like I was breaking on #3.  Literally breaking inside...I don't know what my insides looked like when they opened me up, but I can guarantee that things were stretched and strained and all out of place.  (TMI again?)  ...and I told my husband no more babies...I can't do this again.  ...and I meant it.  ...but just once in awhile I still long for a little girl.

...but then I wonder if maybe I wouldn't be as good at raising a girl as I think I would be.  Maybe I would be jealous and catty with another girl in the house.  Maybe I would get frustrated by her prissiness and just want to get out of the house without 4 bouts of crying.

I dunno...all I know is that my boys are all boy...dirt and bugs and sweat and strength.  Worms and trucks and adventure.  They are all manliness to my girliness and we have this kind of perfect world of balance.  Perhaps more girliness would upset this balance...perhaps it would make it perfect?

What is your family balance?  Do you long for more?  Do you think you are crazy? 


Your boys are adorable and sound like so much fun! I have an 8 year old daughter and a 20 month old son. My daughter has always been very rough and tumble while wearing dresses and lip gloss and my son is pure BOY. He is 20 months and has already broken a leg. I am in for it:)

If you decide to try again for a girl I hope you get what your heart desires, but if not it sounds like you have a perfect family already:) Good luck!!!
Grace said…
I'm sure you'll be blessed with several grand daughter to try your 'girl skills' out on. My sister had 7 boys and she does just fine with the grand daughters.
I love my boys, can't imagine having a girl. Probably because I fear having one just like me:) Yes it is hard, especially at this age b/c we can't go 5 minutes without someone throwing a temper tantrum or beating each other with something. And boy are they LOUD! I was still on the fence about wanting another but then all of a sudden a few months ago. Clear as day I had this impulse to get rid of ALL the baby stuff in the basement. And I did. And it felt great. I have my family. It is perfect.
Wakela Runen said…
Your kids sound awesome! Mine are at that alien stage - teens.

My son just turned 17 in March. My daughter will be 16 in August. Yes, I was crazy to have them that close together. But it made them really close friends growing up.

They are at the stage where they don't want anything to do with each other though. He's a video game junkie and she's into the drama club and choir. So they live on two totally different planets.
Katy said…
I have two girls. DD1 is 2, and she is by no means a girly girl. My 6 month old, well to early to tell. I try to raise them away from the pink princess crap, but that is a whole huge future blog post, lol. I want 2 more kids, DH would be happy with our 2, so I'm hoping we can compromise at 3. I think having a boy would be nice, but secretly, I want all girls. I can handle emotional drama better than sheer destruction!
Denise said…
I have FIVE brothers (and I was smack-dab in the middle).

During my first pregnancy when I found out she was a girl I was pretty nervous.

It went something like this: "what in the heck am I gonna do with a girl? I don't know girls, I don't understand girls. I know boys. I get boys, I know what to expect with boys."

Yea I was just a little concerned.

Now I have kids, both girls (and I"m not having anymore kids!). I can't imagine my life with boy(s) now.

For me, having girls is everything that I missed out on as a kid. I get to watch them do super girly things, and I enjoy every second of it. I never had many girls in my life, but I love knowing that I'll always have TWO young ladies around now.

And I totally agree with Sarah. Boys are loud! Girls are loud too, when they're freaking out about a crumb on their shirt or a drop of water on their arm.

I was meant to be a boy mama, and for now I'm good with just one. But it is still there in the back of my mind... will I regret not having more kids one day? Am I helping or hurting Garrett by letting him be an only child? No way to know...
meg said…
amy, your boys are sooooo cute!! and you are the perfect mama for three boys :) i always think god gives us what we need... and i try to remember this often when bella's budding personality challenges my patience :) our girl is just as active--if not more--than any boy i know. she rips bows and ponytails out of her hair. she loves getting into the dirt and looooves to push our buttons :) i hope that bella has a sister someday because i loved having a sister, but i also would love to have a boy! who knows what god will do...
I know for a fact that you'd do great with a daughter! You were such a great "mom" to all of us girls back in college—I'm sure you'd love it again.
And thanks for the encouragement. I would love a daughter, but have been bracing myself for a son so as not to get my hopes up. After reading your mommy-words, two sons sounds wonderful.
Love you,
I am the oldest child and had 3 brothers growing up. I was always the one taking care of them. Then as adults my brothers had kids first and I had 4 nephews. Then after a lot of trying I finally had a baby girl. She was an only child and for much of her life I was a single mom. I didn't think I would know what to do with a girl either. But as girly and prissy (not to mention spoiled cause she was the only girl)as she was, she had no problem keeping up with the boys! When she was 10, she was rapelling with my brothers boy scout troop! I think it doesn't matter if you have boys or girls, kids will make you enjoy the adventure even more!