Father's Day

That was then and this is now...they are growing into Daddy's shirts way, way too quickly...

I barely kept the shirt on Hank this year and ended up just throwing it over his head for a couple photos...sadly, while playing 
peek a boo with the shirt, he bumped his lip against the crib (you can see a tiny bit of blood :( and the game ended.  Happily, a nuk solved all ills.

Happy Father's Day Daddo!!!
and the boys


meg said…
this is soooo sweet, amy! what great pics and your little guys are just adorable :) hope yall had a great fathers day!!
Becky Jane said…
Such fun Fathers Day shots...Poor babies lip.
Grace said…
What a great idea for photographs. they do grow fast.
{darlene} said…
this is SOOOOOOO stinkin cute! bring those boys over to play in the creek!!!!!!!
Awww this is such a great post. Your boys are such sweethearts! Love the idea of taking pics of them in daddy's shirt.

PS- I had no idea that footprint above the crib canvas was at your house!! I have seen that picture pinned all over the place! So cool!