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30 June 2011

Do you want want of these handmade items?

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Hi friends!

Do you know that I am a photographer?  You might have noticed the little watermarks in a lot of the photos on this blog, or if you are VERY observant, you might have noticed my posts getting a little shorter and little less frequent during this wedding season.   Since I am a little MIA over here, I thought I would give you a heads up, open a little giveaway and ask for a little favor.

You see,  I am entered as one of Philadelphia's HOTLIST photographers and I want to win!  (I'm not competitive at ALL....)  Can you guys give a girl a hand and give a quick vote for me?  You don't have to be a PA resident...just click the link and then the big yellow box!

Once you vote, you can enter the giveaway just by letting me know with a comment or email.  If you have already voted, I already have you entered in the contest!  What can you win?  It is your pick!  You can win any one of these handmade items!

created by allora handmade

If you are interested in checking out my photography work, you can always hop over to ALLENAIM or the ALLENAIM blog!   You can even find out what ALLENAIM means over there :)


Laura Thursday, June 30, 2011  

Ok I clicked the box like 5 times in a row and maybe it worked not sure??? I do want to be entered in your contest so tell me how to make sure I voted I would love for you to WIN:)

allenaim photography and design Thursday, June 30, 2011  

You are so sweet Laura :) Thank you! I think when you click the box, a pop up will ask if you want to use your twitter acct, facebook acct, etc and then your vote will show up on the bottom. Does that make sense?

Heather Thursday, June 30, 2011  

I voted!

septembermom Thursday, June 30, 2011  

I'm going to vote now. Wishing you all the luck in the world!!

Becky Jane Monday, July 04, 2011  

I voted...hope it went through correctly! I would like to be entered in your giveaway!

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