Making her presence known....

I've been waiting for weeks for the peonies to bloom.  I even cut a fat bud and brought it inside, hoping it would bloom (even though I know peonies won't open up once cut if they haven't started opening already).  I even peeled open a bud to try to see what color it might bloom(I think it is a white).

Surprise of all surprise today...a peony bloomed.  A tree peony.  I kinda knew tree peonies existed. I had never really noticed one.

This girl made me take notice today.

 I might be tempted to try layering this lady because 4 or 5 blooms a season is just not quite enough.   
Have you had any surprises in your yard yet this spring?


Miz Helen said…
Hi Amy,
Just beautiful photo's. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week end!
peonies are my FAVE!!! so beautiful!
AH! I have a whole row of peonies waiting to open! I am stalking them everyday. I think I have at-least another week or two before mine even think about blooming. I even have a tree peony in the back yard too. Although it only gives me one bloom a season. It is so cool because each year you never know which stem the bloom will come from.

I am also so excited, i found a great deal on a big girl camera! I will actually be able to focus my own pictures. No more point and shoot, wohoo!
meg said…
ohhhh amy, this is just SO beautiful!! i l-o-v-e peonies! beautiful, beautiful!!
Gorgeous! We're so far behind here in the garden - too much rain and not enough sunshine! I can't wait for my peonies...