How to Plant a Pot the Wrong Way

I know it isn't the normal way to do things, but this is how I do it.  My reasoning is basically that I:

1.  I want to save money --
2.  I want to use my resources the best I can --
3.  I want my plants to grow well!

So the basic idea is to reuse weeds that you don't want to put in the compost pile and mix your own potting soil.  The weeds will compost in the bottom of the pot and since I only use this method for HEELING IN POTS or seed starting pots only, the roots will never actually reach the composting weeds in the bottom.  After I remove the seedlings from the pots, I can sow more seeds without replacing the soil.  When the soil finally runs out of "juice", I can throw the whole thing into my real compost pile and the composted weeds will go through a second composting process ensuring the demise of the weed roots and seeds. 

Here are my weeds!

Simply shove them into the bottom of the pot as densely as you can, so that as they compost, the soil will not settle too much.

When I make my own potting soil, I purchase a couple bags of compost or top soil and a large bag of peat moss.  (If my own compost was ready, I would use it instead).  I then add a little fertilizer and chicken bedding (pine chips) with lots of stinky chicken poop.  I mix the whole  thing together in a large pond liner. and then start scooping it into the pots.  If it isn't mixed thoroughly, I try to keep the chicken bedding towards the bottom so it can compost some more and get the weeds composting as well.  I then add a layer of almost pure peat on the top of the container for the seeds to germinate in.

Here is a scoop of mainly top soil and chicken manure going in the bottom of the pot.

Here is a scoop of mainly peat moss that is going towards the top of the pot.

If you are planting in a strawberry planter like this one, make sure you pack the soil into the little opening so that soil doesn't spill out.

Pack down the soil a bit so the soil settles down into the weeds on the bottom.

Then it is time to sow your seeds!  Simply scatter them and let the rain pound them into the soil or water them in.

I usually like to prettify everything, plant markers included, but sometimes I just don't have the time or energy to make something.  So in this case, I just stuck the seed packet into the corner of the pot.  It will disentegrate eventually, but it will last long enough to tell me what is planted here for the next couple of months.

Of course, I do push a little soil over the top because who wants to look at an ugly seed packet sticking out of a pot??


Ferdi Nel said…
I'm sure your method would help to keep your potting soil usable for a longer period. And I really liked your method of making your own potting soil.
Torviewtoronto said…
lovely post thank you for sharing
Torviewtoronto said…
lovely post thank you for sharing