Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

I can't talk about the blooms without mentioning her royal highness the TREE PEONY. She showed up with frilly skirts a waving and two little pollen covered chickies hiding inside her petals.  (Don't they look like chicks??)  I didn't know this, but Sarah commented that her tree peony puts out one bloom a year, and I've been blessed to have 2 so far this year.  I didn't even know it was a limited performance!  I layered one branch to start a new plant to increase the yield in a few years.  2 is simply not enough of these beauties.

...and my surprise bleeding heart that I've taken cuttings from and transplanted little bits in other shady parts of the garden.  Just one of this plant is also not enough.  By the way, if you like this plant, it has proven to be super easy to propogate.  I cut a few stems for flower arrangements indoors where they stayed for 4-5 days.  Then I simply stuck the stems into the ground during our rainy spring weather.  They wilted for 2 days, and then perked right back up and are putting out new growth.  This is my kind of plant!

...then there is the gorgeous wisteria that I almost cut out last year because I didn't know what to do with it.  You see it was a tangled mess last summer when we moved in, the stem a twisted reminder of the trellis that came before.  The trellis that toppled and rusted and broke under the weight of the wisteria.  I left it thinking that I could maybe train the wisteria into a standard, so I staked it tall and this spring, it rewarded me with luscious blooms.  Thanks to my FIL and MIL and dear SIL Kate, the arbor from Kate's wedding makes a perfect compliment. 

There are plenty of hosta varieties popping up everywhere, but this one is my favorite.  There was one specimen of "guacamole" hosta that I split last year into about 10 small pieces.  I thought I might lose a few because the splits were so tiny, but they all came back including these 2!  I love the slight variation of the leaves.  The plant reads as a green in a garden design, but blends subtly with lighter foliaged plants.  I much prefer this type to the strongly variegated types.

While I tend to love the flowers and foliage more than the edibles, we have several tomato plants, various squash and pumpkins, lots of lettuce, corn, onions and chives going strong.  Speaking of pumpkins, it thrilled me a few days ago to see at least 15 little pumpking plants growing out of the pile of leaves a little pumpkin fell into last Halloween.  I try so hard to start my little seeds, and coddle all my plants until they are big and strong, when really all I need to do is throw some rotting fruit in a pile of leaves for the winter, step back and VOILA!   Anyway, the herbs are also doing well...lavender is green, mint is coming back strong (of course!) and my transplanted cilantro has survived the shock and it putting on new growth.  I have about 6 clumps like this:

OH - and the LEEKS!  I planted leftover roots from grocery store leeks and all 3 plants are doing FABULOUSLY!

...and then there are the potted plants.  Alex filled {FILLED!} the stairs with a host of potted annuals and perennials for Mother's day this year {sweet - I KNOW!}.  Here are a few of my favorites...

...and the plant T picks out without provocation every Mother's Day (in the same color!)  I have 3 of them now - a small collection.  It is one of the few plants I overwinter every year - one of the plants that survived the move from Nebraska on the floor  of my car.  I's a silly daisy, but when your babe picks it out for you it means more...

...and there is oh so much more, but there is a group of varigated hostas crying to be separated from their blue hued hosta neighbors (they are racist...or maybe just ugly next to each other) and some mulching that desperately needs to be done before Sticky Willy and Queen Anne take over the place.  Yes those are their true names...weird I KNOW!

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Hanni said…
Leeks! I would never have thought of planting the roots...great idea. And your wisteria is heavenly. :)
Awesome blooms! That wisteria is so pretty. I have never looked at them up close as in your photo...very nice. Happy GBBD Day!
Autumn Belle said…
You have all the flowers that I like. Your photography is superb!
Marie said…
Ah, beautiful plants and great photography! Happy Bloom Day!
Love, love your wisteria!! Happy GBBD!
Lona said…
Oh my that wisteria is just so gorgeous. I just wish mine would get one bloom to encouraged me not to chop the thing down. LOL!
Your Gerbera pink daisies are so pretty. They were all sold out at our local nursery so I will have to try to find some somewhere else. I have no luck at all trying to grow them from seed. Beautiful blooms for GBBD.
RBell said…
Really like the looks of the Bleeding Heart - and easy propagate too (a winning combo!)
Joanna Noel said…
Over from Mingle Monday! LOVE the gerber daisy! :)

Zara said…
Here via Mingle Monday. Love all the gorgeous!
Joyful Sparrow said…
Ah, new budding life. Nature is so beautiful..