Craving Organization.

Some people crave cigarettes.  Some people crave a drink.  Some people crave a good shopping spree.  Some even crave running.

While I am known to crave a good soda with lots of ice...lately my cravings have been more the organizational type.  I don't just kind of want to organize because it is spring.  I don't just kind of think we need a few more boxes to put toys and baby clothing in.  It has moved beyond that.

It is a bit of an obsession right now.

Hour after hour of dragging out all the STUFF, throwing away, donating toys and clothes and dusty books.  Organize, wash, re-organize, label.

I have gone shopping twice in the past few weeks.  I bought one or two little things, but mainly, I bought boxes.  Big boxes and little crate.  Wire, metal, wood, plastic.  Box after box after box after box.

...and it still isn't enough.  I feel like I need a few more thousand boxes.

The best kind of boxes are the empty ones.  There is something about an empty box that gives me joy (I know...weird...)  ...but really.  These little wire baskets were $1.50 at a flea market and it THRILLS me that they are empty.  They are IN/OUT boxes for the mail and I'm quite certain they will fill up quickly, but for now.  They are empty.  ...and I am pleased.

...and this little pretty girl was $2...the baskets faded and chipped paint on the frame.  I painted out the frame and left the baskets as is.  

Have you ever reached a point where you have enough boxes and storage?  Do you just keep finding more stuff?  
I feel like we just keep having babies and the stuff multiplies each time.  ...and I'm dreading the sports gear...


Hanni said…
Baskets are the secret to making a crazy house look clean. Just don't peek *inside* the baskets. :)

And my personal motto is that I can always find room for another square basket!
Becky Jane said…
I'm pretty good at getting rid of STUFF, but what's rally hard for me is downsizing my Christmas decorations... too many treasures, and when I say too many I mean TOO MANY. But how does a person get rid of treasures?
I like baskets too! they look nice and great for all seasons!

And I too crave for organization these days especially on my kid's toys. I am planning on merging them this summer. No more baby's toys versus big boy toys.
stacey said…
I need that craving! :-)

I don't know how to get rid of treasures, either.

I'm trying to downsize on all old baby stuff.

It's not easy.
Laura said…
Not only are you more organized, it looks good!