Are your potatoes sprouting in the pantry?

Even if they aren't sprouting yet, you can probably still plant potatoes from your pantry.  
They are treated to not sprout, but have you ever met a non-sprouting potato if you leave it long enough?  
It seems like they ALWAYS sprout.

Take potatoes and cut them into pieces, making sure there is at least 1-2 buds on each one.

Let them sit out for a day or so until they form a "scab".  See the edges of these potatoes?  
The white part will feel harder to the touch than a fresh potato.  When they look like this, they are ready to plant.

They are tough TOUGH puppies, and need some water, but otherwise will take care of sprouting themselves.  These were in the ground a few weeks and I completely forgot about them.  As I was planting some more vegetables, I saw a few of these plants coming up and almost pulled them because I thought they were weeds.  Then I realized they were my potatoes!  I had layered cardboard and newspaper under my mulched veggie bed, and they were pushing through.  Surprise! 

After they show up, you can wait a few weeks until mid summer, then dig up a few baby potatoes, 
or simply wait until the tops turn yellow and wither and then your full sized potatoes will be ready. 
Ready to see the results??  Check out my potatoes right HERE!

What do you plant from your pantry???


Heather said…
How neat! I've never planted anything from my pantry before.

My mom did plant potatoes, but she planted her in a big tub instead of her garden.